‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: The Head Of Household Winner For Week 5 Is Revealed

Big Brother 21 spoilers reveal that a new Head of Household has been determined after fans were left hanging Thursday night at the end of the live show. This one was an endurance competition, and the houseguests knew ahead of time that was the type of battle they would be facing. Which BB21 player managed to outlast everybody else to win HOH for Week 5?

As Thursday’s show ended, viewers watched as the Head of Household competition got started. This one was called “Pose In Ivy,” and it seems it was quite the battle. According to Twitter account @BB_Updates, Jessica was the first one eliminated soon after the HOH battle started.

Nicole was out shortly after that, with Sam eliminated next. Christie fell soon after that, and Big Brother spoilers tease that some extra challenges started just before Christie’s elimination. The players were sprayed with some kind of pink substance, and Nick fell next.

Jack fell, then Tommy was out, and it was down to just Kat, Jackson, Holly, and Analyse. Big Brother spoilers detail that it took around 45 minutes for the HOH competition to progress to this point.

Based on Big Brother spoilers from the Twitter account @BBBreaking, it took another 45 minutes for further eliminations to come. Jackson was eliminated, and Kat went down just a minute or so later.

That meant that Head of Household for Week 5 would be either Analyse or Holly, and Big Brother spoilers reveal that this faceoff went on for quite some time longer. Holly apparently was tempted to drop, but she really wanted the letter from her family and she felt torn.

Holly told Analyse that she kept feeling that she wanted to just give the HOH to her fellow houseguest and alliance member, but she couldn’t decide. She mentioned the idea of the two of them each picking one person to nominate and Analyse just told Holly to do whatever she wanted.

Finally, a little more than two hours after it started, Holly won Head of Household. Jess was out less than four minutes after the HOH battle started, and Analyse was eliminated after two hours and 19 minutes.

After the competition, Analyse told Kat that she was pretty angry at Jackson. She noted that he kept pushing Holly to stick it out even though Analyse really wanted the win.

The two women discussed this coming week, wondering how much Jackson would be deciding when it comes to Holly’s HOH moves. Analyse said it seems to already be Jackson’s, saying that she loves Holly but thinks that Holly needs a backbone.

Later, Holly asked Christie and Analyse if they wanted to sleep up in the HOH room with her, and she’d told Jackson she planned to offer that since she’d been up there during Christie’s week. Big Brother spoilers share that Holly told Jackson he should talk to Analyse to smooth things over, and it seems he did chat with her even though he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong.

It didn’t take long for Nick to start some campaigning to try to get at least another week in the house. However, Holly already seems quite certain she’ll nominate him, although she was initially torn over whether to put Sam on the block or a pawn.

The Week 5 nominations should be revealed via the live feeds at some point on Friday, with the Power of Veto competition coming on Saturday. Does Nick have a shot at making it through this week? Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 21 spoilers as the next few moves are revealed on the live feeds.

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