‘Big Brother 21’: Who Was The Fourth Houseguest Sent Home?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Thursday night’s live eviction show.

Week 4 has officially come to a close in the Big Brother house, as another houseguest has been sent packing. On Thursday night, Isabella Wang and Jack Matthews were sitting on the block after Jackson Michie pulled himself off earlier in the week by winning the Power of Veto. Bella campaigned a good bit throughout the last several days to try and save herself, but her work just wasn’t enough as she was the fourth houseguest sent home by a vote of 8-2.

The two votes for Bella were Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone, which were to be expected. The first has been a loyal friend to Bella, while Nick had been a showmance with her since Day 5. According to Big Brother Network’s Twitter account, the Six Shooters all voted to evict Bella, with additional votes from outsiders Jessica Milagros, Kathryn Dunn, and Nicole Anthony sealing the deal for her eviction.

After the eviction, the Head of Household competition kicked off and will continue to play out on the live feeds. This week’s HOH is an endurance competition which has the remaining houseguests holding onto ropes as they hang in the air and try to stay balanced with their feet in small pockets. By the end of the episode, Jessica and Nicole had fallen, meaning they cannot be HOH this week.

Julie Chen also let the viewers in on the newest twist in the game: America’s Field Trip. This new twist will involve three houseguests voted on by the viewers, who will take some sort of trip. Julie promised that one of these houseguests’ games would be on the line, and a campaign is already starting on Twitter for who America should choose.

Given that one of these three players will be at risk, fans of the show are already asking that Jack, Jackson, and someone else from the Six Shooters alliance be voted for the field trip. More details on America’s Field Trip will be offered in one of the upcoming episodes.

“Jack, Jackson, Christie can all go on that field trip and never come back as far as I’m concerned,” one fan tweeted.

“Welp, we all know we’re sending Jack and Jackson on that field trip for sure. Unless the casuals eff it up because they’re buying this stupid good guy edit they’re giving the Jacka***s,” another added.

Stay tuned with The Inquisitr to find out who wins the Week 5 HOH before next Sunday’s episode.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.

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