‘Big Brother 21:’ Jackson Michie Caught Cheating Several Times While On Slop

Note: This article is spoiler-free!

Rules are rules in the Big Brother house unless you’re Jackson Michie. The Tennessean was one of the first houseguests to be put on slop as a have-not and has already been caught cheating multiple times on the live feeds. Along with Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco, and Kathryn Dunn, Jackson was supposed to be subjected to a week on slop, cold showers, and sleeping in the uncomfortable have-not room. The other three houseguests have been following the rules, but the same cannot be said for Jackson.

Fans have been sharing clip after clip on Twitter, proving that Jackson is, in fact, cheating, by sneaking food in the shower. If there’s any food left over, he has smuggled it out under his towel and then buries it in the kitchen garbage. According to the Big Brother Fandom page, penalties are supposed to be enforced if a houseguest is caught sneaking food while on slop.

The rule states that if a have-not is sitting on the block come eviction night, they will have a penalty vote thrown their way. Since Jackson is no longer sitting on the block and is safe for the week, fans are calling for some different sort of punishment. Some are suggesting Jackson should lose his vote for the week, which would be crucial in affecting who goes home in Week 4.

“Perfect scenario: Jackson gets a penalty for cheating non stop on slop. Penalty: he can’t vote this week! Please Big Brother godssss!!” one fan tweeted.

Twitter users also shared videos documenting how Jackson had supposedly cheated by sneaking food.

The Six Shooter alliance has the upper hand with votes this week, and will likely send Bella Wang home. If Jackson loses his vote, there very well could be a tie on eviction night, meaning Head of Household Cliff Hogg would be the tiebreaker, and would likely send Jack Matthews home since that was his original target.

The likelihood of production using this penalty against Jackson is slim to none. He very well could just be given an extension on his have-not punishment and be subjected to more slop. Houseguests have been caught cheating over the years, and more often than not, production doesn’t say a word.

Many fans are hoping that Jackson is given his punishment tonight during the live show. Rumblings on the live feeds today suggest that Jackson has been spoken to by production over something unknown, and he has been upset about it ever since. There is no rumor about what this discussion could have been about at this time.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night on CBS.

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