‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Joshua Morrow Reveals Plans For Nick’s Business Storyline

Adam took away Nick’s company Dark Horse on The Young and the Restless recently, and after running The Underground for so many years, Nick really got into the business aspect of Dark Horse. The eldest Newman son can rock a business suit or a casual outfit pretty much any time, but the actor portraying Nick has plenty of thoughts on his preference for his on-screen alter ego’s wardrobe.

Recently, Nick Newman portrayer Joshua Morrow discussed the demise of Nick’s business persona with Soap Opera Digest, and he has some possible plans for Nick’s business suits. Morrow also opined on his working life after Nick’s professional wardrobe is no longer needed.

“Oh, man, it’s heaven. When the Dark Horse story came up, I actually really loved it,” said Morrow. “I even shaved! I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna get super-sharp and cleaned up and tell this story.’ But a month in, I was like, ‘This suit thing, I don’t love it.’ There was a stretch where I was wearing suits with the collar that was choking me with the tie.”

In the storyline, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) gave Adam (Mark Grossman) some money to leave town because she wanted to ensure that Adam didn’t take her top spot at Newman Enterprises. However, instead of going, Adam took Victoria’s money, and he ended up buying up Nick’s Dark Horse debts and taking over the company. Nick started Dark Horse last year after he bested Victor (Eric Braeden) for what may have been the first time ever. Even though Victor and Nick made up eventually, there’s no doubt that Dark Horse still felt a bit odd for Victor, which may be why he supported Victoria’s efforts to take it away from Adam and bring Dark Horse under the Newman Enterprises umbrella.

Morrow has enjoyed the storyline, but Adam taking the company from Nick isn’t all bad.

“I miss Dark Horse, but I don’t miss the suits.”

The actor even has a great idea for how Nick could embrace the next phase of his life and career, which is possibly wildly different than before Adam’s unexpected return from the dead.

“I think there should’ve been a ceremonial burial out in the yard and Nick is burning his suits,” said Morrow. “I thought that would’ve been really fun.”

It certainly would create a memorable scene for the character Morrow has portrayed for the last 25 years on the No. 1 rated CBS Daytime drama. Since Nick still seems to have his suits, it’s possible that Nick might get the company back from Adam in some plot twist.

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