Viral Video Shows Freshly Cut Chicken Breast Literally Crawling Off The Plate As Onlookers Watch In Horror

The chicken in one restaurant was a little too fresh, as one viral video shows.

The short clip, which has spread quickly across social media, shows a freshly sliced piece of raw chicken breast spasm and flap the muscle that once connected to its wing, until the piece of meat literally crawled off plate it was sitting on and straight off the side of the table. The New York Post reported on the video, noting that people watching along were terrified at what they were witnessing.

“Footage shows a plate of raw meat on a restaurant table, including a piece of chicken that begins to twitch,” the report noted. “After hoisting itself upward, the carcass yanks itself off the diner’s plate as a terrified onlooker can be heard screaming.”

The exact origin of the video is not known, but the report noted that the presence of chopsticks seemed to indicate it was an Asian restaurant. Onlookers appeared to be explaining the phenomena, saying that the chicken was so freshly cut that some of the muscles were still in their final spasms.

Others were not going to take any chances with the moving meat.

“Hell no, if my food is walking, I’m walking too,” one person could be heard saying.

This is not the first time that some strange moving meat has received viral attention. Back in 2015, video from China showed a very freshly cut slab of beef continuing to pulsate after it was butchered. The video was shared by the Chinese news outlet CCTV on Facebook, where it attracted worldwide attention.

The original post on CCTV explained that this was indeed the case — it was just some very fresh meat.

“Cheng, a local woman from Sishui county, Shandong Province was shocked to discover that the slab of beef she had just purchased appeared to be beating like a heart. Understandably horrified at the situation, she chose to record the event, rather than eat it,” the report noted. “However health experts say the meat is certainly edible and the twitching was caused by nerve endings that had not yet died. Delicious.”

While experts may have said that the pulsating beef was safe to eat, many commenters were disgusted by the meat and said they wouldn’t go anywhere near it. The walking chicken breast may have its own health concerns, or at least need a good washing after crawling itself onto the floor of the restaurant.

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