‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Willow & Chase Take A Leap, Nelle Calls Michael, & Carly’s Crushed

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday, July 25 indicate that there will be intense feelings hitting people throughout Port Charles. One romance will take a big leap forward while several people in the Corinthos family will struggle with emotional challenges.

The episode airing in the United States on Thursday was originally slated to be shown on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was pushed out due to the televised Mueller testimony. Canadians did see this episode, and they will see an encore on their network on Thursday.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will visit Carly and push her to be honest about trouble with the pregnancy. She’s been trying to hide her worries from him, but he knows her too well for her to pull this off. General Hospital spoilers share that she will tell him about the Spina Bifida and note that they have an appointment with the doctor to learn more.

When Carly and Sonny do meet with the doctor, they will learn that Carly isn’t a surgical candidate to try to fix the baby’s issues due to Carly’s previous issues with hypertension. General Hospital spoilers detail that this will leave Carly feeling devastated and worried.

Josslyn was heartbroken to visit the bridge and see that the lock she put there with Oscar was gone. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Cameron will tell her he’d been told to remove the locks during his community service, noting that he hadn’t known about her lock. Dev and Cam will dig through the garbage to try to find it, and after some setbacks, they are able to get it and return it to Joss.

Finn and Chase will meet up and General Hospital spoilers detail that Chase will push his brother to be honest about his history with Hayden. Finn will fill his brother in, and after Chase leaves, viewers will see some talk between Robert and Finn about Cassandra.

Willow and Michael will cross paths and he’ll suggest that Carly could give her a job at the Metro Court. She passes on that idea, and they note that it’s both Wiley’s birthday and the day that Jonah supposedly was stillborn. General Hospital spoilers share that Willow and Chase will then connect and for the first time they will acknowledge that they love one another.

Michael will get a collect phone call from Nelle in Pentonville, but he’ll refuse the call. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll be with Jason at the Corinthos house and he’ll tell Jason that he’s certain that Nelle is just trying to needle him. As The Inquisitr has shared, soon Michael will end up visiting Nelle at Pentonville and she’ll hint that she’s got something significant to tell him about Jonah.

There’s a juicy development connected to Jax on the way with Thursday’s show and General Hospital spoilers note that Robert and Sonny will have a difficult discussion about Dante. Viewers were frustrated to see the show preempted on Wednesday, but teasers suggest that there’s a lot to look forward to as this next episode airs and big developments are on the horizon.

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