Amber Portwood Granted Supervised Visits With Her Baby After Domestic Violence Arrest

Amber Portwood is having a rough month after she was arrested for domestic violence and lost custody of her 1-year-old son James. Now, the Teen Mom OG star is getting some good news — she was granted the rights to have supervised visitation with her baby.

A Marion County Court judge lifted the no-contact order against the reality star, according to Radar Online, which means that Portwood can see her kid – so long as she has supervision. The State fought against Portwood’s claim, but the judge decided in favor of the 29-year-old and her legal team, pending further evidence.

“She has supervised visits only for the child,” a clerk for the court said.

Not everything has been settled yet. There will be a future Child in Need of Services hearing that will determine where the visits can take place and other particulars.

The mom of two is still not able to come in contact with her baby daddy, however. The no-contact order remains in place between her and Andrew Glennon, who she reportedly attacked earlier this month.

The entire situation started when Glennon and Portwood went to go see some fireworks to celebrate Independence Day. But instead of making it to watch the explosions, the couple got trapped in traffic, which caused Portwood to become upset. She got out of the car and he returned home to let her cool off. But things only got worse once the couple was reunited at their home.

Portwood threatened to kill herself and took a handful of drugs.

“Ms. Portwood went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing,” court documents said.

When Glenwood said he was calling the police, she spit the pills back up, however. That’s when Glennon locked himself and little James in a room to avoid her violent outburst.

Portwood apparently became enraged and attacked the door with a machete, as The Inquisitr previously reported, in an attempt to gain access to her son and Glennon. At that point, the 35-year-old made good on his threat to call the police and Portwood was later arrested on July 5 for domestic violence.

Now, Glennon is fighting for sole custody, child support, and insurance payments from the reality star.

“Father believes Mother is currently unable to provide a safe, stable and secure environment for James on an ongoing basis due to her frequent refusal and/or failure to take medicines prescribed to treat her mental-health conditions, among other concerns,” read papers filed by Glennon.

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