Larsa Pippen Shows Off Figure In Low-Cut Top And Tight Pants

Larsa Pippen always looks great on social media, but today she went the extra mile. In a recent Instagram post, the star showed off her amazing body in a low-cut top and tight pants.

Larsa posed outside in a skin-tight, black top, which was dangerously low-cut, showing off her cleavage. It looked to be held together by strings so was probably virtually backless if she were to turn around. On the bottom, she wore rather interesting leggings, which were black and yellow with an intricate pattern. The band hit pretty high up on her waist creating that tiny waist, big booty figure everyone strives for now.

As for her hair, in true Larsa Pippen style, she wore it parted down the middle, long and blonde. Furthermore, there was something strange going on with her feet. She could have been wearing invisible shoes, which are very on trend right now, or perhaps she just decided to go outside without shoes. Either way, she made the whole ensemble look great.

In just one hour, Larsa had already gained over 10,000 likes for the seductive photo. Fans everywhere commented saying just how gorgeous they think she looks in her skin-tight outfit.

There were plenty of fire emojis and heart eyes to go around, showing support for Larsa and her skin-tight look.

Larsa didn’t stop at just posting a great photo this morning though. She went on to attach a pretty sassy and creative caption. She quoted the Niki Minaj song “Megatron,” saying her clothes were custom made and “Donatella sent me that.” She followed it up with some music note emojis to make it clear she was quoting a song.

According to a past Inquisitr article, this great body comes from exercising and a good diet.

“I’ve worked out my whole life. I was a cheerleader and stayed in the gym. If you wanna transform your body it’s more than exercise it’s your diet,” Larsa stated.

Apparently, the star works out all the time and even considers it her “me time.” She can often be seen in her own Instagram stories doing rigorous workouts and staying in shape. She divides her workouts by muscle groups and will even throw in some pole dancing every now and then to stay in shape.

Although she says it’s more exercise than diet, she is apparently a pretty healthy eater. The Inquisitr reported she eats fat-free granola, grilled turkey and gluten-free pizzas.

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