Anna Faris Uses Ken & Barbie Dolls To Tell A Hilarious Story On Instagram

American actress Anna Faris took to Instagram on Monday to tell a hilarious story using Ken and Barbie dolls. The story begins by showing Barbie losing her passport before a red-eye flight to Heathrow. The couple — apparently living in an RV — get into an argument in the next few frames.

“You’re the one who believes in a capitalistic society!!!” Ken said. “And the twins will be FINE!! They have each other with their weird secret language!!!!”

Afterward, Ken finds Barbie’s passport and tells her to calm down before suggesting she needs to “get laid.”

The next two pictures involve more arguing before the final frame, which is where the story ends.

“Leenie is fine babe — she’s like a water baby — can we just talk before my flight?” Barbie says. “Maybe go for a hike or something? I feel distant from you Ken.”

The abrupt ending to the story caused many fans to take to Instagram to ask for the rest of the story, although it’s unclear if Faris plans to give it a proper ending.

In an interview with Marie Claire last year, Farris spoke about how she deals with celebrity life and headlines, such as those that covered her breakup with ex-husband Chris Pratt, with whom she shares a 5-year-old son, Jack.

“I think that I just sort of learned to not Google myself, and when my sweet assistant is like, ‘Look what just popped up.’ I’m like, ‘F**k off. I love you but I don’t know if I need to know everything.'”

Faris also started a podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, which she claims was born in response to being a public person. According to Faris, the podcast is her way of getting to talk to strangers about their shared problems outside of the celebrity world. The 42-year-old claims it’s also a great way to control the narrative of the stories about her, adding that the celebrity life began to make her feel like she was losing control of her own narrative.

Farris currently stars in the CBS comedy Mom, which is airing its seventh season and was renewed for an eighth. She plays a newly sober single mother living in Napa Valley, and — like her role in the 2018 comedy Overboard — she says there is pride behind the character, who often deals with dark situations.

Mom generally received positive reviews, with many critics praising Faris for her talent as a comedic actress and being able to bring humor to dark material.

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