‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: Jack Matthews Under Fire Again After Another Racially-Tinged Comment

Warning! Big Brother 21 spoilers ahead!

Big Brother 21 contestant Jack Matthews is nominated for eviction this week, but spoilers have teased that he might not necessarily be in a lot of danger. A decision will not be formally made by the BB21 players until Thursday, but it seems that a recent comment he made might have an impact on how his fellow houseguests decide to vote.

Jack has come under fire previously this season for making comments on the Big Brother live feeds that came across as racist. As The Inquisitr previously noted, there was even an online petition started by fans who wanted to see Matthews booted from the show as a result of the things he has said.

Newly-evicted houseguest Kemi Faknule was a frequent target of Jack’s derogatory comments, and production even reportedly talked with Jack about toning things down. Now, Big Brother spoilers detail that fans are angry over a new comment that Matthews made during a backyard discussion this week.

Twitter account @BB21Updates shared the short video clip from the live feeds. The short clip shows Jack, Tommy, Sis, Kat, and Christie hanging out in and around the hammock and talking about Bella Wang.

One of the ladies says that the proof is in the pudding, and Jack apparently says “in the rice pudding.”

Warning — some strong language included!

Given the fact that Bella is Asian, many Big Brother fans feel that his quip about rice pudding certainly seems racially-tinged. After Jack made that comment, a couple of the other BB21 players quickly said “slop pudding” to seemingly try to overshadow or dismiss Matthews’ comment. However, live feed fans caught the wording and aren’t happy about it.

Cinema Blend notes that another clip from the live feeds has generated additional buzz. Big Brother spoilers note that at some point after the hammock conversation, it seems that Christie was asked about this in the Diary Room.

Christie later talked with Tommy in the backyard and they both seemingly only understood the connotations of what Jack said at that point. She noted that she didn’t want Jack’s comment to be taken out of context, but it doesn’t look as if BB21 fans on Twitter are buying these deflections or excuses.

TMZ details that another clip from the live feeds this week seemingly revealed that production did talk with Jack about his “rice pudding” comment. However, Jack apparently insists that his comment was misconstrued. Fans online don’t seem to see how Matthews could have intended the comment any other way, and it doesn’t sound like any solid explanation has emerged.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier, Jack and Bella are the nominees for Week 4 after Jackson pulled himself off the block with the power of veto. It had looked like Bella was going to be evicted easily, but she made it clear she’s going to fight and do her best to get the votes to stay.

Will Jack Matthews’ latest racially-tinged quip have any impact on how the Big Brother 21 houseguests vote this week? So far, it doesn’t look like it, but fans may not want to count Bella Wang out quite yet.

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