Pippa Middleton Reportedly Not A Fan Of Meghan Markle

It wasn’t long after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding when rumors surfaced that Meghan had made Kate Middleton cry. Apparently, there was a conflict during Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid fitting that led to tears being shed. And according to a royal insider, the incident is something that Kate’s sister, Pippa, isn’t going to forget anytime soon. This is what the insider noted, as reported by The Sun.

“[Pippa] is a seasoned old Marlburian brought up with good manners, clever and tough enough not to let light in on her sisterly frustrations with the Duchess of Sussex, particularly over the treatment Meghan meted out to Kate,” they said.

With that being said, the sisters and Meghan were spotted together at Wimbledon recently, where they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

In addition, the insider added the following.

“Reality check is she is never going to be more than an American duchess married to Prince Harry who was hurtful to Pippa’s sister and who wants to rewrite the rules for the monarchy in the 21st century,” they claimed.

“Pippa is way too savvy to fall for all of that. Pippa will be more than capable of dealing with Meghan.”

And while Pippa supposedly has a problem with Meghan, the narrative of Kate and Meghan feuding lasted for months previously. Some believed that the rumors were baseless, while others took Kate’s side on the situation.

Plus, royal expert Duncan Larcombe previously pointed out that Pippa and Meghan have a lot in common. Besides being mothers, they are into fitness and have experience in the celebrity world. Their fashion senses seem to collide as well, featuring simple styling.

Another clue that Pippa may not be super fond of Meghan came when the duchess was asked to sit out of Pippa and James’ wedding. Meghan later joined the newlyweds during the reception, reported Fox News. The reasoning that was supposedly given wasn’t a personal attack on Meghan, but rather, that the couple didn’t want their special day to be overpowered by Meghan’s star power.

It would seem that the true nature of the relationship between Meghan and the Middletons is only known to themselves, since the royals are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Meanwhile, the rumors of a feud between Meghan and Kate have appeared to slow down, with some believing that the two are getting along better now. Apparently, the two are bonding over motherhood.

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