Ayesha Curry Watches Parisian Sunset With Daughter In Sweet Instagram Update

Ayesha Curry has been hard at work promoting her latest project, Family Food Fight, a reality competition show that features families facing off in a culinary battle. However, she found some time recently to escape the hustle and bustle and head to Paris for a while — with her daughter in tow.

Curry shared a snap of her Parisian trip that showcased a particular moment with her daughter that melted her Instagram followers’ hearts. In the shot, Curry stood on a stunning rooftop in Paris that overlooked the city. A plant and a few chairs were scattered around the rooftop, and the tops of buildings were visible in the distance. While she’s normally looking super glam on her Instagram page, Curry had her natural hair in a messy bun and was wearing cozy pajamas for the peaceful shot. She had her daughter in her arms, and just her hair is visible over Curry’s shoulder.

Curry added a caption that explained they were taking in the Parisian sunset together after waking up early to share the special moment. To give her fans a bit of a taste of the experience, Curry included a second snap that just showcased what she and her daughter were seeing from the rooftop. It’s hard to tell whether Curry has her daughter Riley or her daughter Ryan in her arms from the limited perspective. Regardless, her followers loved the sweet moment between mother and daughter, and the photo received over 46,000 likes in just two hours.

Fans filled the comments section of the post with sweet sentiments.

One follower said “what a blessing” while another commented “what a peaceful place.”

“Wow. What an awesome trip,” another fan added. “I urge you to never take what you have and are able to do and places you can go for granted. There are so many of us that will never be able to see the things or go to the places you get to go. God has blessed the Curry family abundantly… always be thankful and give Him the Praise and Glory and He will bless you.”

While Curry hasn’t responded to that particular comment, her fan base knows well that her faith is a huge part of her life. She includes “believer” as one of the many roles in her Instagram bio, along with wife, mommy and passionate dual citizen.

She hasn’t revealed what the Parisian trip was about, and whether it was strictly a vacation or if she was partially there for business. However, there’s a good chance that the foodie will likely find time to stop by a few French eateries on her trip to get inspiration for her various culinary projects. Fans will have to stay tuned to her Instagram page to see if she shares any tasty bites.

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