‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: Week 4 Brings A House Meeting & Campaigning To Shift The Eviction Plan

The nominations for Week 4 are set in the Big Brother 21 house, but spoilers suggest that the eviction plan might not be absolutely firm. Since the Power of Veto ceremony on Monday, a couple of interesting developments have played out in the BB21 house and spoiler fans will be curious to see if these have a lasting impact.

As The Inquisitr noted, Jackson used his Power of Veto to save himself and Head of Household Cliff put Bella on the block next to Jack. Cliff had been targeting Jack and some others in the house felt as if this would be their best chance to evict him. However, as soon as Bella went on the block, Big Brother spoilers suggested that Bella was nearly guaranteed to be the next one evicted.

After the POV ceremony, there was a lot of buzz among various alliances. As Twitter account @BB_Updates details, Sam started worrying that his game was severely damaged thanks to his association with Nick and he soon called a house meeting.

Big Brother Network indicates that the houseguests gathered Monday evening for the house meeting. The main topic of conversation was about how Nick tried to talk Cliff into lying to Christie ahead of the POV ceremony with the goal of having her hold onto her power and then, seemingly, becoming the replacement nominee.

Nick explained that he told Kat the plan he came up with and told Analyse a fake plan. Word about his scheming spread quickly and Big Brother spoilers note that he even cried as he explained that he was just trying to save both himself and Bella.

Sam’s goal with the meeting was to clear his name, telling everybody that he has been playing an honest game and hadn’t been a part of Nick’s planning. Big Brother spoilers indicate that he told his fellow BB21 players that he wanted to rebuild relationships and trust, and time will tell if his approach worked.

In the midst of all the Monday evening chatter, Big Brother spoilers reveal that Bella started to do a bit of campaigning to save herself. Once she was nominated, it seemed virtually impossible that she might have any chance of avoiding eviction.

BBN shares that Bella started campaigning to Nicole about keeping her. Bella said that if Nicole would vote out Jack, then she would approach Jackson and Holly to try to sway them as well. Bella wants people to utilize this opportunity to get Jack out of the game, but later, Nick told her he thought she’d look silly trying to pull this off with Jackson.

Later in the evening, Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds note that Nicole and Cliff did some vote-counting together. They were trying to determine whether they could get a tie, with Cliff promising to evict Jack in a tiebreaker.

Will enough players be willing to keep Bella and evict Jack to make this happen? Big Brother spoilers suggest that it’s probably a longshot, but the next couple of days heading into the Week 4 eviction could become interesting.

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