Prince Charles Reportedly Has One Quality That ‘Incensed’ Prince Philip

Royal watchers have long wondered about relationships within the royal family, but now a writer with a link to the monarchy, Penny Junor, is talking about the sometimes prickly relationship between Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

The Daily Express revealed that in her book The Firm, Junor took a microscope to the bond between the father and son, and shared why the two men don’t click. Prince Philip has long been known a brusque man who has had friction with his oldest son, and Junor thinks she knows why.

“The trouble is that the Prince of Wales is fundamentally a weak man, and that is what has incensed the Duke of Edinburgh over the years. He [Prince Philip] wanted a son in his own image — a tough, abrasive, plain-talking, unemotional man’s man — but those qualities bypassed his first son and settled instead on his daughter.”

Junor added that Prince Charles has a big and generous heart, and he cares about people and the underdog. The Prince of Wales wants to make the world a better place, from the environment to the preservation of British heritage, and seemingly, these priorities don’t jibe with those of his father, Prince Philip.

“He is admirable in so many ways, but he has never been able to cope with confrontation. “

Junor further explained that Prince Charles has never been able to make the tough decisions, saying that he gets others to do the tough stuff for him.

The Duke of Edinburgh has a better relationship with Prince Andrew than he does with Prince Charles, says journalist Sue Arnold.

“Prince Philip admires Andrew’s macho action-man image — it reminds him of his own youth.”

And as the heir to the throne, other journalists have expressed concern that Prince Charles’ popularity isn’t a match for his mother’s, revealed The Inquisitr. Royal expert Tim Ewart believes that the respect the public has for Queen Elizabeth is what holds the monarchy together. As noted, Ewart explained that there is a concern that the goodwill will not transfer from the queen to her son.

Ewart sees the next generation, that of Prince William and Prince Harry, as the one which will reinvigorate the monarchy.

But Prince Charles is a bit of a bridge between the generation of his mother, who has been the monarch longer than anyone in the British royal family, and the younger generation of his sons and their families. Only time will tell if Prince Charles can maintain the loyalty of the British public.

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