‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Tuesday: Adam Offers Nick A Shocking Trade

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, July 23 brings a stunning offer from Adam to trade Chelsea for Christian, but Nick isn’t interested, and neither is Chelsea. Plus, Abby and Phyllis strike a deal, and Kyle tells Lola what she needs to know.

Adam (Mark Grossman) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) argued about who is the better father in front of Judge Sanchez (Joseph C. Phillips). Adam revealed how terrible Nick was to terrorize Victor (Eric Braeden) while Nick rushed to explain. Then, Nick brought up Adam’s criminal coverup of Delia’s death. Ultimately, the judge stopped the hearing so that he could determine what Christian needed.

Later, Adam showed up at Nick’s house gloating that he’d make the transition for Christian as smooth as possible when the judge rules in his favor. Then, Adam stunned Nick and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) by offering a trade — Chelsea for Christian. Chelsea vehemently declined Adam’s offer to go back to the penthouse with him, and Nick wasn’t so thrilled with it either.

Chelsea also ran into Sharon (Sharon Case) at Crimson Lights, and they shared an awkward moment when Sharon called Chelsea out for hitting her and running. Chelsea apologized, and Sharon accepted. Then, Chelsea asked Sharon to get through to Adam about his custody case for Christian. Sharon went to Adam’s, but then she changed her mind before she knocked on his door.

Meanwhile, at Society, Abby (Melissa Ordway) talked Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) into letting her put another branch of Society into Phyllis’s new hotel. At first, Phyllis wondered why Abby would team up with her, but in the end, the two women shook on it and became business partners. Then, Phyllis teamed up with Theo (Tyler Johnson) for the grand opening of the new high rise. Theo even floated a name — Grand Phoenix — after Phyllis’s rise from the ashes in Genoa City. Phyllis liked it and hired Theo to help. Summer (Hunter King) wasn’t thrilled about Theo teaming up with Phyllis, but Theo suggested that Summer get involved in Phyllis’s star-studded opening too.

Finally, Kyle (Micheal Melor) gave Lola (Sasha Calle) the details about his life before he met her. When he lived in New York City, Kyle partied a whole lot, and there were a lot of women involved. Kyle used the women, and they used him too. However, now, Kyle has Lola, and that is all he needs in life to be happy. Lola wasn’t entirely thrilled, but she appreciated Kyle being open and honest with her.

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