‘The Bachelorette’ Fans Rally To See Mike Johnson Named ‘The Bachelor’ After ‘Men Tell All’ Appearance

Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette contained a lot of drama related to eliminated contestant Luke Parker, but there was another contestant who really stood out and received nothing but love. Mike Johnson didn’t find love with Hannah Brown, but the show’s viewers have definitely fallen in love with him and are making it clear across social media that they think he should be picked to be The Bachelor.

A formal decision regarding the guy who will lead the upcoming season of The Bachelor will not be announced for a while yet. However, as Hannah’s Bachelorette season draws to a close, fans are loudly rallying for their pick. In all likelihood, one of Hannah’s guys will get this gig and Mike has definitely become a major front-runner.

There was some buzz after the Men Tell All taped in Los Angeles earlier this month that Mike seemed to have been positioned well during the MTA filming to be promoted as the likely Bachelor pick. After everybody got to watch it air Monday, it was clear that seemed to be the case.

The Men Tell All and Women Tell All specials do tend to provide something of a testing ground for the network and producers to get a feel for how fans react to potential leads. This was certainly the case with Hannah Brown last spring, as well as for Colton Underwood last year.

As The Inquisitr detailed, it seems that Mike is a solid front-runner along with the men still in the mix for Hannah’s final rose. There is a lot of talk about Tyler Cameron perhaps becoming The Bachelor, and it looks like he would definitely be a popular pick. Peter Weber also appears to be a major contender.

However, neither Peter nor Tyler was at the Men Tell All, whereas Mike got plenty of air time. Johnson has certainly been a stand-out this summer on The Bachelorette, and viewers appear to think he would be the perfect pick to be The Bachelor.

Of course, if Mike is chosen, he would be the first black lead for The Bachelor. That will surely weigh into the network’s decision, but fans have plenty of other reasons for wanting to see him handing out roses this winter.

As the Men Tell All aired, numerous Bachelorette fans tweeted that he certainly seemed to be getting The Bachelor edit. Some joked that fans will mutiny if Johnson isn’t chosen, and the fact that Mike was so supportive and respectful of Hannah just made viewers love him all the more.

A popular note across Twitter Monday night was that Mike’s smile was quite amazing and viewers loved listening to him talk about the three ladies in his life. This is no bit of girlfriend drama like fans have heard about with some of Hannah’s other suitors, though. The three women Johnson refers to are his sister, his mom, and his grandmother.

“Mike is our reward for putting up with Luke P all season.”

“If Mike isn’t the next Bachelor I’m probably done with the show for good.”

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that Mike will pop up on Season 6 at some point in the coming weeks. However, teasers hint that Johnson is still single and potentially available to be The Bachelor this winter.

Could Mike Johnson be The Bachelor for the 2020 season that debuts in January? He didn’t finish in the top four as is often the case with upcoming leads, however, Hannah didn’t finish in the top four during Colton’s run either. A decision probably will not be announced until late August or early September, but it looks like a lot of Bachelorette fans have already made their pick.

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