Lenny Kravitz Says He Loves Lisa Bonet’s Husband Jason Momoa ‘Like A Brother’

They are one of the better looking families in the whole entertainment industry, but it’s their shared love that makes people adore them even more.

There is no bad blood between Lenny Kravitz and his ex-wife, Lisa Bonet. In fact, it’s quite the opposite — the rock star and the actress are super close friends, with Lenny claiming he loves Lisa’s current husband, Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa, “like a brother.”

“Our families are blended. I love her husband – he’s like a brother to me – and I love the kids. It’s beautiful, but it takes work,” the Grammy winner told The Times.

Lenny, 55, and Lisa, 51, got married when she turned 20 on November 16, 1987 after eloping to Las Vegas, per The Daily Mail. They then welcomed their daughter on December 1, 1998. Zoe Kravitz, 30, is currently the embodiment of her parents’ personalities as she takes over both the music and acting industries. Despite their public romance, the couple ended up calling it quits in 1993 when they filed for divorce.

Lisa and Jason then met in 2004 at a jazz club through mutual friends, according to Entertainment Tonight, and began dating in 2005. The have been together ever since, but only officially tied the knot in 2017. They share two children now. Jason has previously gushed about his wife, dubbing her a “queen” that he always knew he wanted to be with.

“I was like, ‘I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I’m going to get you.’ I’m a full-fledged stalker. I didn’t tell her that until we had two babies, otherwise it would have been creepy and weird. I’ve always wanted to meet her,” he jokingly said.

The Aquaman star has been a part of Zoe’s life since she was young, and they appear to have a close, strong bond. Earlier this year, she showed her support for him on social media by encouraging her fans to go watch the popular DC Comics movie.

She also often posts throwback photos of both of her parents when they were younger and together, proving that they share a great relationship based on honest friendship and hard work. The Big Little Lies star took to her Instagram page in September last year to post a snap of Lisa and Lenny snuggling up to each other back in the day, dubbing them “cute.”

“Let love rule. You go through a marriage with somebody, you break up and it’s very difficult. But (Lisa and I) put the work in and we took the time so that we could become best friends again,” Lenny told The Times.

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