Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Jr. Reportedly Doesn’t Want Her To ‘Rush’ While Dating Post-Divorce

Wendy Williams may be enjoying her new life as a single woman, but her son Kevin Hunter Jr. reportedly wants her to proceed with caution.

The daytime talk show host has been living her best life while spending her summer working and going out on the town. Since filing for divorce from Kevin Hunter in April, Wendy and the couple’s son Kevin Hunter, Jr. have moved out of the family’s New Jersey home. Wendy has since returned from her five-week hiatus and is seemingly enjoying her summer in between shows. The television personality is also reportedly getting back on the dating scene, per HollywoodLife.

While her son is reportedly happy that Wendy is moving on, a source revealed to the outlet that the 18-year-old college student is hoping his mom is being careful about who she decides to spend her time with. The source also says that Kevin Jr. is “protective” over his mom.

“Kevin Jr. is all for his mom dating and getting out there to meet people.” says the source. “But at the same time, he doesn’t want her to rush into things too quickly or jump into a serious relationship with anybody at this point. He thinks it’s healthy for his mom to flirt and play the field, but catching feelings for somebody is a whole different story. Kevin is very protective of his mom and doesn’t want her to get tied down too soon or potentially get her heart broken.”

Earlier this summer, Wendy was romantically linked to fashion designer Marc Tomblin. After confirming to her audience that the two were just friends, Wendy informed her audience that there was a leading man in her life. She said earlier this month that she was currently dating a doctor who is in his 50s who she says she’s “crazy about,” per another Hollywood Life report.

Kevin Jr.’s concerns for his mother may be due to the tumultuous marriage she had with his father. Kevin Jr. recently got into a fight with Kevin Sr. in his mom’s honor. The student was reportedly defending Wendy after learning that Kevin Sr. had a baby with his mistress Sharina Hudson while he was still married to Wendy. Shortly after the incident, police were called and Kevin Jr. reportedly faced serious charges for the dispute. His case was dismissed on July 9.

Wendy and Kevin Sr. were married for 22 years before the host began to file for divorce. In a separate Hollywood Life report, rumors of their divorce began to swirl in 2017 after it was learned that Kevin Sr. and Sharina had been in an affair for 10 years, which Williams vehemently denied on her show.

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