Rose Leslie Exits ‘The Good Fight’ As Lawyer Maia Rindell

Actor Rose Leslie will depart her role in The Good Fight after playing an original cast member in the spinoff of The Good Wife.

According to Deadline, Leslie, who was also on the hit shows Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones, is leaving the CBS All Access series after the third season. The news was revealed at Comic-Con by series creators Robert and Michelle King, who told the media outlet that Season 3’s finale was “Leslie’s swan song.”

But because her character is not deceased, it’s always possible that the door is open for her return. But Deadline added that Leslie, who is married to her Game of Thrones co-star, Kit Harington, is out there “hitting the bricks” along with her husband in search of a job.

People acknowledges that Leslie’s schedule was filled with her work on The Good Fight, and she took a break from other roles while on the series, according to IMDB. The suggestion is that the actor was written out of the series, but it’s not clear whether it was what she wanted or if it was a decision of the producers and writers of the show.

Rose Leslie has had a busy year, as she tied the knot with Harington and hosted their friends from the cast of Game of Thrones at her family’s Scottish castle.

The couple has been spotted around London as they have just celebrated their anniversary, and he left his rehab facility in Connecticut where he went for mental health treatment, shares The Inquisitr.

A source close to the couple says that they are spending the summer in London just relaxing.

“Since Kit left the Connecticut wellness center, he is back in London with Rose. The two are enjoying the summer, spending time with family and friends. Kit seems well. And Rose seems happy that he is back in London. While he was in Connecticut, she was laying low. It seemed their focus was just getting Kit feeling better. And he does look better. Kit and Rose seem happy.”

Harington has been forthright with his struggle with anxiety and depression as the work of a decade of his life on Game of Thrones came to an end. When Harington appeared as a guest on Saturday Night Live, and Leslie tagged along, joking with him from the audience that now that the series had ended, neither one of them were employed.