Alcohoot: An iPhone Breathalyzer That Calls You A Cab

Could your iPhone save you from a DUI? If you purchase the iPhone appAlcohoot and with it its special breathalyzer dongle, the answer is yes.

Alcohoot features a simple breathalyzer that plugs into a user’s audio port. The device then seamlessly integrates with the user’s phone at a cost of just $95.

When a user blows over the legal limit, the phone integrate with other alcohol service apps to call for a discounted ride, thus helping the user avoid a major legal problem.

In 2010, more than 10,000 people died because of alcohol-related driving.

While a responsible drinker could purchase a police grade breathalyzer, those devices can easily cost $250 or more.

The app’s founder hopes to partner his service with car platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and SideCar, all of which offer drunk drivers a discounted ride home if they have had one too many.

Alcohoot also offers social integration, allowing users to share their breathalyzer results with friends. While the app may be social it could lead to binge drinking as users attempt to “best” their own friends “scores.”

While the app could be used as a dangerous game of “who can drink the most,” the app’s developer hopes that socially sharing alcohol level will lead to better decisions. By letting your friends know you got drunk and took a cab, you essentially get bragging rights as the socially responsible one in your group.

The new Alcohoot app debuted at a meeting of the Kairos Society in New York. The meeting is meant to show off potentially useful and cool new startups who are looking for investors.

Right now, Alcohoot is just a mock up; however, with the right investment and the right marketing, the program could potentially offer cool social features while saving lives at the same time.

Would you be willing to carry around an iPhone powered breathalyzer during your nights out on the town? Alcahoot sure hopes so!

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