Why Prince Harry’s Reported Wishes For His Son Archie May Never Come True

It’s no secret that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have done what they can so far to shield their son, Archie, from the public limelight. However, a royal expert, Duncan Larcombe, had some harsh words for the Prince, reported Express. In particular, Duncan commented on the possibility that Harry may be hoping for his son to live a life similar to Zara, who is the daughter of Princess Anne.

Anne opted to forgo an HRH title, and thus far, her daughter has since been able to live a “charmed” life.

“If Prince Harry is set his sights on raising Archie in a similar vein where he can live in the big houses and basically be a royal but not a royal, live a normal life with a normal job… It is impossible that Archie could have a Zara Phillips life,” noted Duncan.

The expert gave his reasoning.

“Archie’s parents are so high profile. Certainly if they remain as working royals as well,” he added.

“I think in terms of Archie, poor old Harry will try and protect Archie as much as he can but he’ll ultimately be fighting a losing battle.”

Considering how Harry has reportedly fought to protect Meghan as much as possible up until now, it’s not too surprising to hear that he would want to do the same for his first child.

At the same time, Duncan is assuming that Harry doesn’t realize that his son may never be able to enjoy the same peace and quiet that Zara does. He may realize very well that his and Meghan’s fame will mean that Archie will always be a very interesting figure to royal fans.

For now, the royal couple has at least shielded Archie from a photo-op mere hours after birth and also allowed him to enjoy a private christening. Plus, the public has yet to discover the child’s godparents’ identities. That hasn’t stopped many from speculating, however, and fans can only hope that the information will be shared with everyone eventually.

In addition, the couple’s decision to keep things private has resulted in backlash from critics, many who believe that Meghan and Harry aren’t privy to the level of privacy they are hoping for. After all, much of their lifestyle is afforded to them thanks to British taxpayers. This means that for some citizens, the chance to see Archie growing up in the public eye feels like something they’re entitled to.

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