Padma Lakshmi Details Dinner With Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘We Sipped Champagne, Savored Our Gazpacho And Crab’

Padma Lakshmi’s fans love her for many reasons, and her involvement with the Bravo show Top Chef only scratches the surface. Lakshmi has become a vocal advocate and activist who never holds back in sharing her opinions and it looks as if that passion gave her an incredible opportunity over the weekend. Padma had dinner with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and it sounds as if the two had quite the evening.

Lakshmi shared a photo from the evening to her Instagram page and her followers went wild. The dinner took place in Washington, D.C. and Padma said that it was a meal that she would never forget. The Top Chef host noted that the dinner party was hosted by writer David Hagedorn and his husband Michael Widomski and it looks as if it was a truly exquisite dinner party.

While Padma’s fans would surely love to get a blow-by-blow of the entire evening that she spent with the highly-admired “RBG,” it looks like Lakshmi’s followers will have to settle for just a few tantalizing tidbits. It isn’t known who else was at the dinner party that was seemingly quite private, but clearly, Padma couldn’t resist taking a selfie with Ginsburg and sharing at least that much.

Based on what Lakshmi revealed in her lengthy caption, Ginsburg is exactly what many of her admirers think. Padma noted that the Supreme Court Justice had a twinkle in her eye all night and that she is both witty and incredibly smart. The two women talked about experiences they each had in India back in the 1980s along with many other topics and it sounds as if they immediately clicked with one another.

While Lakshmi has become well-known for her advocacy, it seems that this is the first time that she has had the opportunity to meet Ginsburg. Padma noted that she has admired the highly-respected Justice for a long time and she shared that she was not at all disappointed once she met her in person.

Lakshmi has about 580,000 followers on Instagram and they went crazy over this selfie. In less than 24 hours, more than 42,000 of Padma’s fans had liked the post and more than 1,100 commented as well.

Many of Lakshmi’s followers were practically speechless over the selfie with Ginsburg. Comments commonly expressed admiration and a bit of jealousy over the epic shot with some sharing that it was the best selfie of the year.

Padma Lakshmi has many social media followers who have come to admire her quite a bit, especially as she’s become increasingly vocal in her advocacy over the past couple of years. Given that, it seemed especially inspirational and amazing to many of her fans to see her so taken with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, someone she herself admires so deeply.

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