Julianne Hough Pops A Squat On Mount Kilimanjaro For Birthday Bathroom Break In Hilarious Instagram Update

As many fans of the talented actress, dancer, and America’s Got Talent judge will know, Julianne Hough is currently on an adventure attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Hough embarked on the climb with her husband, Brooks Laich, and members of their extended family, and has been sharing updates along the way.

Hough shared a shot of her entire group on Day 1, a quick video of her tent set-up and sleeping bag, and a hilarious series of selfies with her sister. Today, she opted to share another cheeky update that showed a more real side of her adventure — the need for bathroom breaks.

In the Instagram snap, Hough rocked a warm hat, sunglasses, a dark blue puffy jacket to keep herself warm, and some pants. However, she posed with her pants pulled down as she popped a squat in the middle of a bunch of rocks, as she explained in her caption. One follower commented on Hough’s fearless nature, and added that while many people would refrain from sharing a photo like that, Hough simply posed with a full-on cheesy grin.

In the middle of a mountain adventure, there aren’t always convenient bathrooms, so Hough had to find a solution based on what was available. The beauty seems to be throughly enjoying her birthday celebrations.

Hough’s 4.8 million Instagram followers loved seeing the silly side of her personality, and the shot received over 123,000 likes in just 6 hours. The comments section was packed with individuals wishing Hough a happy birthday.

One fan commented that “this is solid birthday content” while another added “that is totally something I could see you out of you and your brother doing with ease. I think Derek would be more reserved.”

Hough has been open and honest about her experience on the adventure. While she shared that climbing the epic mountain has always been a dream, she also highlighted the way the trip was significant to her for relationship building.

In a quadruple update where she posed with her sister in a series of shots outside some outdoor showers, Hough explained that the duo both moved away from home at very young ages. Consequently, they didn’t have the chance to truly spend a lot of time together growing up, as many other sisters did, so they were trying to strengthen those connections on their adventure.

Hough mentioned in her post from two days ago that it would take about four days to reach the top, so fans will have to stay tuned to see more of her adventure — and see what kind of picture she takes when she finally reaches the very top.

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