After Donald Trump Says People Who Don’t Love America Can Leave, Viral Video Shows How Much He’s Trashed U.S.

Donald Trump took sharp aim at his perceived political enemies this week, accusing those criticizing his administration of hating the United States and saying they can leave if they don’t love it here.

But as one viral video shows, Donald Trump has never been shy about bashing the United States in the past.

President Trump’s statement came during a controversial attack on four Democratic congresswomen of color, when he told the four they can go back to their “original” countries if they don’t love the United States. Three of the four were born in the United States, while the fourth is a naturalized citizen.

The attack drew charges of racism against Trump and led many to point out that Trump himself has been one of the most vocal critics of the United States, dating back to even before his political career. Vice News compiled three minutes worth of clips showing Trump trashing the United States and packaged it into a viral video. The video showed Trump calling the United States a laughingstock, saying the U.S. a stupid country, weak, and saying it is the “laughingstock of the world.” He repeated the criticisms across campaign rallies, in meetings with foreign leaders, and even delivered directly from the White House.

The Associated Press compiled its own list of all the times that Donald Trump has trashed the United States, though it wasn’t packaged together quite as virally appealing as the Vice News video. The report noted that Trump had based his 2016 presidential campaign around the sad state of America, with cities filled with crime and a crumbled standing on the world stage.

“The American dream,” he said, “is dead.”

Donald Trump’s statements this week have drawn widespread criticism. Many attacked him as racist for suggesting that three Congresswomen of color who were all born in the United States should return back to their original countries. Trump doubled down on his criticism of the group but came under more fire later in the week when supporters at a rally in North Carolina chanted “Send her back!” when Trump laid into Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who was born in Somalia.

Donald Trump later disavowed the chant, claiming that he tried to speak quickly to cut off the supporters telling a sitting member of Congress to be deported from the United States for criticizing Trump. But video from the event showed that Trump stopped speaking and waited until after the chant was done before starting again.

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