‘Southern Charm’ Star Naomie Olindo Dishes On The Night Ashley Called Her A ‘B**ch’

After the episode of Southern Charm at the shooting party, many fans were left to wonder exactly what happened at the restaurant between cast member Naomie Olindo and Ashley Jacobs, Thomas Ravenel’s former girlfriend, who made a scene in front of friends soon after the former politician broke up with her.

Naomie sat down and explained exactly what happened that night, and who witnessed what was described as an uncomfortable public scene, and why she was reluctant to be around the hospice nurse from Santa Barbara, explains Bravo.

The shooting party was held at the family home of Eliza Limehouse, and with the exception of the hostess, it seemed nobody was happy to see Jacobs, with or without the father-of-two, who is currently out on bail.

Naomie joked that she was ready to hide under the table when Jacobs arrived at the party, after their altercation at a Charleston restaurant where Olindo was out on a double date with friend and Gwynn’s owner, Madison Simon, who also attended the shooting party.

Olindo told the story that she was having dinner with her boyfriend, Metul Shah, as well as Madison and her fiance, Seth, when Jacobs came in on a date with a man they all knew, Ryan Trout.

Naomie said initially that Jacobs ignored them, but when Metul excused himself, and Jacobs’ date returned to the bar, she saw her opening and approached their table. Olindo said the nurse was confrontational and asked if they planned to greet her.

“She goes, ‘Well, not you, Naomie, because you don’t like me. She goes, ‘Because you’re a b***h!'”

Things got even more awkward when Metul returned to the table, not knowing what had happened. Naomie did her best to get out of the restaurant with her boyfriend, and had to wait outside for Madison and Seth to shake Jacobs, who allegedly attempted to follow them.

Reality Blurb shared that Naomie Olindo really believed if she could escape from Jacobs, that would be the last time she had to interact with her, calling her scary and “a psychopath,” so it’s understandable why the fashion designer was reluctant to see the nurse at a shooting party.

Even the normally demure Madison Simon called Ashley out after she was told to “shut her mouth” while minding her own business sitting at a table with cast member Danni Baird. Fans would think that the shooting party would be the last anyone sees of the California nurse, but Bravo reveals that she crashes at least one more Southern Charm party.

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