Twitter Thinks ‘Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer & Timothee Chalamet Could Be Twins

If there is one thing social media users are great at doing it’s spotting a celebrity doppelganger. L.A. based fashion blogger Jami Alix, for example, has been coined as Ariana Grande’s doppelganger since she was in high school. Claudia Alende, on the other hand, is a model who rose to fame because of her uncanny resemblance to actress Megan Fox.

Over the past week, Natalia Dyer – who rose to fame thanks to her role as Nancy Wheeler in Netflix Original Stranger Things – has been a common topic on Twitter as users have the sneaking suspicion she has a twin.

According to the Twitter storm, Natalia has a striking resemblance to 23-year-old actor Timothée Hal Chalamet. In fact, the duo look so similar in some of the side-by-side snaps Twitter users are sharing that many have started to question if they were actually twins separated at birth.

As The Cosmopolitan points out, Dyer and Chalamet share the same chiseled jaw line, the same eye color, the same lip color, and the same sleep deprived expression.

While the two being doppelgangers or twins has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter this past week, it isn’t a new train of thought. There are also several tweets floating around from last year sharing side-by-side snapshots of the actress and actor as they call attention to the eerie similarities between the two.

The Cosmopolitan continues to add that it is “hard to unsee” the resemblance between Natalia and Timothée after taking a look at the tweets.

In a tweet that has been liked over 200 times in the past week, one Twitter user noted the duo had the exact same face.

Just a few days ago, one Twitter user suggested the actor and actress would be perfect for a remake of the movie Parent Trap. For those unfamiliar with the film, Parent Trap tells the story of a set of twins that are separated at a very young age because their parents separate. As the film progresses, the twins run into each other and switch places so they can meet the parent they didn’t know they had.

Some Twitter users opted to share memes and funny cartoons to describe their thoughts on Natalia and Timothée being twins.

Other Twitter users agreed it was a hard thing to unsee after someone brought it to their attention.

While the two could very well pass for doppelgangers of each other, they are not twins separated by birth as Natalia is a year younger than Timothée. They were also born in two different states.

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