An Interior Design Company Came Up With A Modern Version Of What Hogwarts Would Look Like Today

Any true Harry Potter fan likely remembers every detail of the magical land of Hogwarts, as portrayed in both the books and the movies. Every inch of the wondrous estate was captured in J.K. Rowling’s writing, and later recreated as a set for all eight of the hit movies. The land of Hogwarts had a definite classic, timeless feel to it with a lot of antiques and dark oak wood. It had the look and feel of a medieval castle, complete with talking portraits and moving staircases. It may be a challenge to imagine what Harry Potter’s world would look like today in 2019. Luckily, an interior design company took it upon themselves to figure it out, according to Today.

A particularly creative interior design company by the name of Modsy was curious about what a modern-day set of Harry Potter would look like. They created three different rooms — all encompassing how they imagine the characters would have decorated the space in 2019. Each room includes trendy touches but doesn’t leave out the whimsical feel that the series is known for.

First up on the list is Professor Dumbledore’s office. Had the beloved headmaster not been killed while defending Harry Potter, he might be enjoying a spacious office lined with bookshelves today. This particular room utilizes turquoise wallpaper, a whole wall of book shelves, star-shaped lights dangling from the ceiling, and a cozy-looking cream colored arm chair. Of course, it wouldn’t really be Dumbledore’s office without a large birdcage for Fawkes the phoenix and a perch for an owl in the corner.

“The gilded and intricate wallpaper adds a mystical quality to the room,” said Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s vice president of style.

As for Harry’s office, there’s a round, globe-like light dangling from the ceiling and dark oak paneling. An artsy rug under the reading desk brings some color into the room. The room is personalized with a framed photograph of Harry’s parents and his beloved racing room propped up in the corner.

Finally, Modsy couldn’t leave out Hermione Granger’s office. This room is bright, colorful, organized, and overall, very descriptive of Hermione’s personality. The walls are a peach color and framed photographs of her and Ron Weasley are hung on the wall. The furniture is fancy and elegant, and of course, there are plenty of books.

“Cozy yet refined is the vibe to go after,” Wood said of their vision for the room.

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