‘Big Brother’ 21 Week 4 Spoilers: Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

The week many Big Brother fans have been waiting for is finally here. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Cliff Hogg won the fourth Head of Household competition just after being evicted. Cliff competed against Kemi Faknule, David Alexander, and Ovi Kabir in an effort to re-enter the house, and single-handedly destroyed the competition.

The nomination ceremony took place on Friday afternoon after Cliff had conversations with almost every houseguest. It looked like Cliff was going to nominate Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews for eviction, and that’s just what happened. Big Brother Daily confirmed the nominations on their Twitter feed, and most Big Brother viewers are absolutely elated.

Cliff has confirmed that he hopes Jack goes home over Jackson, but is perfectly okay with either one of them going home if the other wins the Power of Veto competition. Some of the houseguests are already speculating that Cliff’s nominations are only in place to backdoor Nick Maccarone, but that doesn’t appear to be his plan.

After nominations, Jackson headed into the diary room. Nick told several of the other houseguests that he looked upset and left his food sitting on the table when he went in voluntarily. Jack took a different approach to deal with the news of his nomination.

Sam Smith reported to several of his roommates that Jack entered the pantry and started throwing away Cliff’s cereal boxes. Christie Murphy and Nick were confused why Jack would do something so petty, while Tommy Bracco noted that it was going to look really bad to America doing something retaliatory like that.

With two of her alliance members on the block, Christie is now in the position where she has to consider using her Panic Power. Christie won the Diamond Power of Veto, which will allow her to put her own replacement nominee on the block, and not the HOH. She will likely feel the pressure from Jack and Jackson to use her power, but it doesn’t look like she wants to right now.

Nick asked Christie if she was going to use it, and she flat out said no and told Nick to keep his mouth shut, per Big Brother Daily’s Twitter feed. She also commented that she would not be bullied into using it and if Jack or Jackson tells her she needs to, she will use that as her explanation as to why she will not use it.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.

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