Dwight Gooden Restraining Order: MLB Legend Threatened Wife And Family

Dwight Gooden was given a restraining order and was removed from his home after fighting with his estranged wife. Monique Gooden called the Bergen County Police Department on her husband after she began making threats against her and her family.

In police documents filed on March 1, Monique claimed that her soon-t0-be ex-husband made “terroristic threats” against everyone in her family. Specifically, Monique claims that Gooden said:

“All bets are off and I will hurt you and your family. You’ll see, just wait.”

Police, realizing the seriousness of the situation, immediately called a family court judge who issued a temporary restraining order on the spot. The situation was so bad that it only took the judge talking to Monique on the phone to issue the order.

Dwight Gooden and Monique are currently living in the same house as they move towards dissolving their marriage.

Along with being kicked out of his own home, Dwight has lost visitation rights with his two young children. Dwight can request renewed visitation rights when he attends the couple’s next court hearing on March 11. During the couple’s next court hearing, a judge will also determine if the temporary restraining order should be made permanent.

Dwight was not arrested during the run-in with police, and no charges have been pressed against the former MLB legend.

Along with the restraining order the judge demanded the Gooden make payments on his wife’s Range Rover and make child support payments that were already demanded during his last court appearance.

Dwight Gooden and Monique were only married for three years before she filed for divorce on November 20, 2012.

This is not the first time Dwight Gooden has attacked his wife; in 2005, he hit her after she threw a phone at him.

Gooden and his reps are not commenting at this time on the status of the restraining order or the fight that allegedly occurred.

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