‘Big Brother’ Camp Comeback Triple Eviction Backfires As Heartbroken Houseguest Breaks Down On Live Show

Big Brother had its first real eviction, and it wasn’t a good look. Two weeks ago, the 21st season of the CBS reality show debuted Camp Comeback, a game-changing twist that kept the first four eliminated players in the house — albeit with separate sleeping quarters — with a chance to battle for a spot back in the game. On Thursday’s live show, the first three Big Brother Season 21 evictees were revealed after Cliff Hogg won the battle back in a “Path to Redemption” contest just minutes after he was evicted from the game.

After an uncomfortable two weeks in the segregated Camp Comeback room, David Alexander, Ovi Kabir, and Kemi Fakunle were officially evicted from the Big Brother game, providing a stunning visual for critics of the show’s diversity problem. It’s no surprise that social media was flooded with criticism as three brown-skinned players were simultaneously evicted from Big Brother while all of the white people were still in the game, including the older white male who had been ousted just a few minutes earlier and never even had to sleep in the uncomfortable Camp Comeback quarters.

“For those of you who don’t watch Big Brother, these three POC are the first 3 eliminated from the game while all the whites enjoy the rest of their summer,” one outraged viewer tweeted of the evicted trio. “Do you see what wrong with this picture? Shame on you #CBS for allowing them to be treated this way.”

The most heartbreaking eviction was Alexander’s. The Big Brother superfan was banished on Day 1 after losing the show’s first camp-themed competition, then saw his game end for good when he lost the ball-rolling redemption comp to Hogg. Alexander became extremely emotional during his exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves. After the triple eviction, a devastated Alexander broke down on camera, per Gold Derby.

“I wanted this year to be different. I wanted to go further this year.”

Chen Moonves wisely stopped pressing Alexander on what he was referring to and let him cry, but it was obvious as to what he was talking about. When he was temporarily “banished” from the game earlier this season, Alexander told Chen Moonves he aspired to be the first African American male to win Big Brother after noting how poorly his culture has been represented in the past.

“I wanted to represent African American culture in a different light,” the banished Big Brother player previously said, per Yahoo Entertainment.

On recent seasons of the CBS reality show, there have been allegations of racism among some of the white houseguests, and an African American has yet to win the show in any of its 21 seasons. The results of the triple Camp Comeback eviction mean that Season 21 will be no different.

While Alexander was upset over his dashed Big Brother dreams, he did give props to Hogg, who, at age 54, blasted the competition in the Path to Redemption game. Alexander also noted that Hogg defied the odds based on his age.

“I gave it my all out there. And I’m so happy for Cliff. Based on the past, he’s not supposed to get this far. And he beat me down twice! I’m so proud of him. It sucks to be out on this side, but shout out to him. He destroyed that competition.”

You can see Julie Chen Moonves interviewing the first three evicted Big Brother 21 houseguests below.


Big Brother Season 21 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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