NBA Rumors: Memphis Grizzlies Could Be Wearing Vancouver Grizzlies Throwbacks For Select Games Next Season

The jerseys donned by the Vancouver Grizzlies during their initial season in the NBA have been called the “dopest jerseys in NBA history,” and fans may get to see them make a comeback this season.

On Thursday, social media was abuzz with rumors that Memphis was planning to wear the original iteration of their jersey, when the team debuted in Vancouver in 1995. The rumor originated with the podcast Fastbreak Breakfast, which shared on Twitter that team sources said the Vancouver jerseys are making a comeback in the coming season for select games.

The tweet included a photoshopped picture of Ja Morant wearing a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey first shared by The Score. The teal Grizzlies jersey — which debuted in an early 1990s when teal was en vogue and teams like the Florida Marlins, Charlotte Hornets, and Anaheim Mighty Ducks all debuted with teal displayed prominently in their logos — has been hailed as one of the coolest ever. The Undefeated had some big praise for the original Grizzlies jersey and a subtle call for the team to bring them back.

“The 1995-2001 teal Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys are the dopest uniforms in NBA history — don’t @ us. The bold team name sprawling across the chest, the funky color scheme and trim that includes red, brown, black and white, the ferocious logo of a grizzly bear clawing a basketball on the shorts — what is not to like about this jersey?” the report noted. “After six seasons in Canada, the franchise relocated to Memphis while maintaining the same mascot. So it’s only right that Nike allows Memphis to pay homage to the team’s former city with these glorious jerseys.”

It’s not just the jerseys that could be getting a comeback. There has been some sentiment around the NBA that the city of Vancouver deserves another crack at a team. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver even seemed to hint that the city could one day get a team again, noting that Vancouver was a great basketball city.

“In retrospect, I wish we had a team in Vancouver right now. I think Canada could handle two NBA teams,” Silver said in a CBC interview, via the Daily Hive.

The rumors of a return for the Vancouver Grizzlies jersey was met with plenty of excitement from fans. A post about the jersey rumor shot to the top of Reddit’s r/NBA page, and many took to Twitter to share the news of the throwback.

So even if the Memphis Grizzlies didn’t have plans to bring back the original Vancouver jerseys before, judging by fan reaction, they may now want to give it some serious consideration.

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