Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Lauren Goes To Extreme Lengths For Her Family

Brand new Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Lauren realizes that Michael is up to something, and she has a strong suspicion it has something to do with Kevin’s unexpected return to Genoa City.

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) isn’t acting like himself. The Inquisitr reported that he dumps Nick (Joshua Morrow) as a client shortly before his first custody suit hearing because Adam (Mark Grossman) has something big on Michael. Lauren (Tracey Bregman) knows Michael well, and she realizes that something is going on with her husband.

Tracey Bregman discussed the storyline with Soap Opera Digest recently.

“Lauren and Michael are extremely open with each other, so his off behavior is a sign that he’s keeping something from her,” Bregman revealed. “When Michael accuses Lauren of not being supportive, she realizes it’s just a smokescreen.”

It sounds like Michael tries to deflect Lauren’s concern about him and make it about her, instead. However, these two have been around for a while, and Lauren is not going to let Micheal keep something huge from her. She already kept details about her recent Fenmore’s struggle from Michael, and Lauren ended up regretting not turning to her husband in her time of need.

Since then, Lauren and Michael have been pretty close, but Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) unexpected return to Genoa City recently has put a kink in things, and now, Michael is the one keeping things from Lauren.

“Lauren quickly connects the dots that Kevin has once again roped Michael into a serious and most likely dangerous situation. Lauren knows from experience that Michael’s dark side can be easily triggered by the need to help Kevin,” said Bregman.

Lauren is right to be worried about Michael, especially since he’s already dramatically threatened Adam with his dark side. It’s been a while since Michael has tapped into that part of himself, but Kevin has a way of bringing out both the best and worst of Michael, and he will do anything to protect Kevin. Luckily for Michael, Lauren is willing to go the distance to make sure he is okay, which very likely means she will also help protect Kevin.

“Lauren will go to far lengths to save her family,” Bregman teased. “Fans should be prepared for one great ride!”

Although many felt that Lauren and Jack (Peter Bergman) might begin an affair, it looks like Lauren will find herself drawn into her husband’s feud with Adam and Lauren will find herself very busy.

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