Terrell Owens: $430K Tax Bill

Terrell Owens must pay $438,000 to the Internal Revenue Service for unpaid taxes from 2005, 2007, and 2009, according to TMZ. If the document they received is genuine, then it looks like the troubled and currently unemployed wide receiver was laboring under the impression that he only had to pay up every other year.

TMZ’s document page appeared to have crashed under the weight of all the people who wanted to see the outrageous tax bill for themselves, but Black Sports Online has now also uploaded a copy of the alleged document. The federal tax lien, issued from the IRS office in Los Angeles, lists unpaid balances of $294,661.71 for 2005, $46,504.00 for 2007, and $97,747.81 for 2009.

Ouch. These days, Terrell Owens just can’t catch a break.

In February, Nathan Francis reported that a woman had to call the police to get him removed from her home. She said that she wasn’t in danger, but that she just wanted him to leave. Well, I guess we’ve all had guests like that. Maybe Owens had nowhere else to go.

As James Johnson has reported, he has had to sell several homes recently — including a “mansion” in Atlanta that he listed for $1.5 million in 2010 but ultimately sold for less than $700,000. Ouch.

TMZ said that he racked up such a high tax bill because the former NFL wide receiver once enjoyed a substantial income, including a $49 million dollar contract playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, he has suffered some serious career reverses in recent years. Francis wrote:

“Owens last played in the NFL in 2010, but tried a comeback attempt last season. He signed with the Seattle Seahawks in the second week of training camp, but was cut by the team before the season started.”

Last October, he was even reduced to tweeting a request for a job to the New York Jets. Alas, the unusual job application was ignored, and Terrell Owens remains unemployed. No word on how he plans to pay the $430,000-plus tax lien.

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