‘Big Brother 21’ Week 3 Spoilers: The Eviction Plan Seems Solid And The End Of ‘Camp Comeback’ Is Ahead

Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 21 will bring another eviction, and spoilers suggest this one could shake up some of the houseguests. Viewers will also see the “Camp Comeback” twist come to a conclusion as one previously eliminated player gets the chance to compete again.

As viewers saw earlier this week, the Power of Veto was used and Nick put Nicole on the block next to Cliff. There was a lot of buzz among different groups of houseguests after this, and Big Brother spoilers have suggested that Thursday’s eviction will show some fractures in some alliances.

The Inquisitr shared that Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds had revealed that Nick and Bella were anxious to see Nicole evicted Thursday night. However, most of the rest of the players have been coordinating efforts with the plan to keep Nicole and evict Cliff. Is that still the plan?

Big Brother Network shares the latest spoilers from the live feeds. Throughout Wednesday afternoon and evening, the plan was still to evict Cliff and blindside Nick and Bella. It seemed that the only question remaining was whether to bring Kat in on the plan.

There was a fair amount of discussion about this on the live feeds throughout the afternoon. Twitter account @BB_Updates details that ultimately, it seems likely that Kat will be told about the voting plan right before everybody starts to vote.

Big Brother spoilers note that they’ll tell Kat she can vote however she wants and that it might be helpful for her to vote to keep Cliff. There was also some talk throughout the evening about whether to target Bella or Nick first once the opportunity arises. Early banter suggests that Bella seems more important to target according to several of the houseguests.

Later in the evening, Jack was crying in bed, but he told Tommy and Christie he couldn’t explain what was bothering him. Big Brother spoilers share that Jackson and David chatted about helping one another if David earns his way back into the game. Jackson later told Christie, Analyse, and Holly that David wants to align with them if he gets to compete again.

It looks solid now that Cliff will be evicted, leaving Nick and Bella rattled. Big Brother spoilers have not yet revealed how the four houseguests will battle for a spot to get back into the game, but answers will be revealed during Thursday night’s live episode.

Which of the Camp Comeback contenders will get another chance to compete this summer? How will Nick and Bella react to being blindsided with this Week 3 eviction? Additional Big Brother 21 spoilers will emerge after Thursday’s live show to set the stage for how Week 4 will shape up.

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