Chris Harrison Thinks Mike Johnson Could Make ‘Bachelor’ History

Mike Johnson was sent home from The Bachelorette a few weeks ago, but he left an impression on the viewers of the show. So much so that Chris Harrison thinks he even has a chance at being the next Bachelor, People says.

There’s been a lot of speculation when it comes to who the next Bachelor will be. It sounds like Mike Johnson has a pretty good shot at getting the role. Even Chris Harrison agrees.

“Of course he’s a contender. How could he not be a contender with that smile? He’s one of my favorite people we’ve ever had on the show. He’s a love of a man. I don’t know him that well, and I consider him a really good friend.”

Chris went on to say that Mike gives “the best hugs” and that “he’s just a really good man.”

If he does get the role, he will actually be making Bachelor Nation history. First, he would be the first black man to become the Bachelor. Not only that, he would also be the first military veteran in the role.

When Mike got dumped by Hannah Brown, the heartbreak hit him pretty hard.

Apparently, Mike was usually a fan of music, but couldn’t listen for a long time with his broken heart.

Despite all the heartbreak he has endured, Mike has actually drawn a lot of attention since his time on the show. However, it certainly doesn’t bother him — he’s actually honored people enjoy him so much. He says it’s an “awesome thing” that people feel the way they do about him.

Even singer Demi Lovato has expressed her love for the Bachelorette alum. According to People, she took to social media to talk to him once he got sent home. In a tweet, Mike talked about finding his future wife wherever she is. Demi used that opportunity to show her excitement for Mike.

“I’M RIGHT HERE MIKE I’M RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO,” she wrote on the social media post.

Fans everywhere began to ship the two immediately after the comments hit the internet.

When it comes to actually taking the role on The Bachelor, though, Mike does have some hesitations. He mentioned being scared that the other contestants wouldn’t be there for the same reason, People says.

He believes that if everyone is there for the same reason as he is, he would actually get a shot at finding love on the show.

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