Queen Elizabeth Tours Buckingham Palace Exhibit On Queen Victoria, Her Great-Great-Grandmother

The new Buckingham Palace exhibition on Queen Victoria opens to the public later this week, but her great-great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth, got an early look at the showing.

Town & Country reports that it’s relevant that Buckingham Palace is the home of the Queen Victoria exhibit as she was the monarch who transformed the palace in her lifetime. The monarch walked through the exhibit with her second son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

Some pieces of this collection haven’t been seen in years and have never been displayed in one place. The exhibit’s pieces have been gathered in honor of the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth. The queen walked through with Lucy Peter, the assistant curator of the exhibition, and they looked at a dress worn by the future King Edward VII.

The exhibit is multimedia and includes a hologram of a waltz danced at the Crimean Ball in 1856. There are also portraits of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert by Louis Haghe. In the State Dining Room, the former queen’s dessert service is recreated with the “Victoria” pattern dessert china.

Particularly spectacular is the actual gown worn by petite Queen Victoria in 1851 for the Stuart Ball. It is embroidered silk preserved for the exhibition.

But it isn’t just Queen Elizabeth who has a direct link to Queen Victoria, as the monarch is the grandmother of practically all European royalty today, including Prince Philip, reveals The Inquisitr. The PBS series Victoria is igniting a renewed interest in the 19th-century queen, especially in her younger years, and how she came to the throne. Queen Victoria had nine children, 42 grandchildren, and so on, meaning that the two sides of her family, combined with that of her husband Prince Albert’s family, link the continent’s royals together.

Prince Philip is the direct descendant of Queen Victoria’s third child, Princess Alice, who married into the German noble family (Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse) and had a daughter, who they named Victoria. She married into the Battenberg family (later Anglicized to Mountbatten) and gave birth to Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, who married Prince Andrew of Greece, tying those two countries together.

Queen Victoria also links the royal families of Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Germany, and Yugoslavia together and to Queen Elizabeth, but perhaps the most ill-fated line was the Romanov family. Czarina Alexandra was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria via her daughter Alice and Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse. Alexandra and her husband, Czar Nicholas II, were killed along with their children by the Bolsheviks before the Russian Revolution.

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