Kyle Richards Blasts Camille Grammer’s ‘Low Blow’ Amid Claims She Talked About LVP’s ‘Bad Breath’ Off-Camera

Lisa Vanderpump was the victim of mean girl talk on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion—and she wasn’t even there. The OG Beverly Hills housewife, who announced her exit from the Bravo reality show last month, was the center of another firestorm during the heated RHOBH Season 9 reunion.

In a preview clip posted by Bravo, Camille Grammer accused veteran RHOBH star Kyle Richards of talking smack about Vanderpump’s “bad breath” off-camera. After several of the other ladies accused Grammer of flip-flopping when it comes to Vanderpump, the reunion conversation turned to a group outing this season where a tipsy Camille talked about LVP’s alleged terrible breath and receding gums. E! News notes that in the clip, Grammer calls out Richards for continuing the mean girl talk about Vanderpump off-camera.

“That was a joke, and you all laughed! And you all laughed! And you [pointing at Kyle] continued with the conversation and said, ‘Yes, don’t get me into it, but she’s always had bad breath.’ … You’ve talked about that off camera with me!”

Richards fired back at Grammer for outing her alleged off-camera comments.

“Camille, that’s such a f***ing low blow. We’ve all said things privately about each other. I would never out you, if I did right now it would be a very bad situation!”

Vannderpump, who just returned home after traveling to London for her mother’s funeral, has not responded to the new RHOBH reunion clip.

Camille Grammer made headlines earlier this year for a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode which showed her talking about Vanderpump after downing a cucumber martini. In a surprisingly mean-spirited scene on the Bravo reality show, Grammer talked about her past career as a dental assistant and then used Vanderpump as an example of someone who needed work, as previously shared by The Inquisitr.

“I’m an ex-dental assistant …So I’m really funny about teeth, for real!” Grammer dished. “Oh, God, before Lisa Vanderpump got her teeth redone… I had such an issue with the gums! I was like, ‘Honey, you need new caps! Your gum line is receding!’ But now, they look great. At least you can stand her breath!”

After the episode aired, Grammer took to social media to apologize to Lisa Vanderpump and say that she always had beautiful teeth and perfectly fine gums. Vanderpump seemingly accepted Grammer’s Twitter apology, which you can see below.

But on her Very Vanderpump blog, Lisa wrote that the insults about her physical appearance from her supposed friend took things to “another level.” Lisa also claimed that Camille admitted the dental story was fabricated but added that “the hurt still lingers.”

The second part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs Tuesday, July 23 on Bravo.

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