Meghan Markle Could Reach A ‘Breaking Point’ Over Growing Criticism, Claims Royal Expert

From being criticized over behaving like a diva at Wimbledon to keeping baby Archie’s christening private to how she holds her son, Meghan Markle has endured her fair share of criticism over the past year and a half, and she could reach a “breaking point” soon because of it.

At least that is what royal expert Victoria Arbiter thinks. In an interview with Today, Arbiter said that at least part of the stress that Meghan might be feeling stems from the fact that it appears the royal family is not doing much to protect her from attacks. She also said that Meghan’s Americans fans have a hard time understanding why the family doesn’t do more to defend her.

“At some point, you have to wonder what is going to be the breaking point.”

“Yes, she keeps on trucking at the moment but it can’t be anything but incredibly difficult. We need to let Meghan blossom and let her do the job she’s in the royal family to do and perhaps hold back on some of the criticism,” Arbiter said, per The Express.

Arbiter also pointed out that it could be difficult for a celebrity to become a member of the royal family because celebrities have publicists that can stand up for them and deny allegations or quash any rumors.

Furthermore, Arbiter pointed out that members of the royal family are expected to do as the queen does and not complain about things, though no one would argue that doing so makes them easy targets.

Earlier this week, Meghan might have acknowledged a certain level of difficulty as far as dealing with life in the limelight at The Lion King movie premiere in London on Sunday. Singer Pharrell Williams congratulated her and Harry on their union, adding that it is not easy in today’s climate.

“Thank you, they don’t make it easy,” Meghan said, People magazine reported.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Harry and Meghan might already be suffering from the strains of a tough year. From the reported feud with William to royal expectations to the birth of her first child, Meghan does have a lot on her plate.

While some critics would agree that the couple has brought some of the stress on themselves for ignoring protocol and choosing to do things their own way, that does not diminish the strain they may be feeling as a result of those choices.

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