WWE News: Former Intercontinental Champ Shares Selfie Of Himself Reportedly Covered In Cocaine

When casual wrestling fans of today hear something about Marty Jannetty, they may have no earthly idea who he is. Old-school and longtime fans will know that he has been wrestling for more than 30 years and used to team with Shawn Michaels. They also know he has battled demons throughout his life and that’s why it isn’t overly shocking that he posted a selfie of himself allegedly covered in cocaine.

For years, Jannetty wrestled in WWF/WWE as one half of the tag team known as The Rockers. His partner Shawn Michaels went on to have one of the most successful wrestling careers of anyone in the world, but things didn’t quite go the same way for Jannetty.

Over the years, he has battled substance abuse while trying to continue a wrestling career that some feel may have long been over. At the same time, he has gone off on social media at times to discuss drinking, sleeping around, doing drugs, and trying to be a good parent.

As reported by The Inquisitr a couple of years ago, Jannetty even asked his followers on Facebook if it was alright to sleep with his own daughter. He eventually ended up blaming that post on hackers, but this latest one is also overly concerning and definitely his own doing.

Ringside News reported that Jannetty made a post on Facebook which showed a selfie of himself covered in a white powder. The powder was all over his face and neck, and the caption of the photo alluded to the possibility that it was actually cocaine.

The post was deleted about three hours after it was originally posted by Jannetty, but many already caught and kept it. Below is the caption that accompanied the post aimed at his daughter Bianca, and it is written as Jannetty posted it.

“Ive not done of cocaine in over an hour. this is probbly why Bianca doesnyt loves me… I Loves you Bianca..daddy is f*ck uk.. But sure loves you.. I promises to do better.”

Many believe that the former WWE Intercontinental champion likes to troll people on social media and mess with them. Then again, they also know that he has dealt with substance abuse and personal problems for many years as well, and that makes it difficult to know what is real or not.

There are a lot of fans out there who want only the best for Marty Jannetty as they hate to see anyone suffering or in personal pain. Unfortunately, the former WWF/WWE superstar doesn’t make it easy for them as he keeps doing things like this.

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