Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Lulu Has Her Answers, Ready To Move On Without Dante

Lulu was furious with Maxie on Tuesday’s General Hospital. While it looked like those two would be on the outs once again after Maxie located Dante, who ended up shooting Peter, it certainly didn’t last long. The girls quickly made up and Lulu finally came to a realization about where her life is headed.

No one in Port Charles knew just how bad Dante really is. All they knew is that they wanted him home and back with his family. Maxie was tired of watching Lulu suffer. She decided to do something about it, but it almost ended in disaster when Dante shot whoever walked through the door. He apparently thought he was back in Turkey and was just trying to defend himself, but shot Peter instead. As General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central had indicated, Lulu went to ask for Sonny’s help in finding Dante, but he didn’t get the chance because Maxie was already on it.

After Lulu found out what happened, Laura was on hand to lend a shoulder for her daughter to cry on. She always knows exactly what to say to Lulu that actually makes sense. She told Lulu that Maxie’s actions were meant to help her and that she now has answers that will help her to move on. Dante didn’t want her to wait for him.

Lulu told Sonny on Monday that she knew her husband was broken, but that she was also broken without him. Now, she wants him back with her and the kids. He is missing everything. Little did she know that Dante is more broken than she realized. She originally blamed Maxie for messing Dante’s recovery up, but she was also willing to do the same by wanting Sonny to bring him home.

Now that she knows that her husband will not be ready to be back with her for possibly a long time, she won’t be in a “holding pattern,” as Laura called it, any longer. She will be moving on with her life without Dante in it. She and Maxie hugged it out as Lulu told her BFF that she would need her now more than ever.

Will Lulu be moving on with the man she met the other day? Dustin Phillips caught her eye after they met for the first time as she continued her quest to find the man who robbed unsuspecting women on a dating app. They seemed to hit off, and she was definitely interested.

General Hospital seems to have wrapped up Dante’s story, at least for now, without having actor Dominic Zamprogna on screen. This gives his family some clarity on giving Dante the time he needs to heal. This also gives the chance for Zamprogna to come back to his role at a later date or the chance for a Dante recast.

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