Katy Perry Hopes Other People Can Learn From Her Feud With Taylor Swift

Since 2013, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift had an ongoing feud with each other that caused a stir between the media and their fanbases.

It all started when Swift accused Perry of stealing some of her back-up dancers for her “Prismatic” world tour. It was said that Taylor’s smash hit “Bad Blood” was written about Katy and that the music video was about a gang of girls trying to destroy her.

After many years of not talking, the pair have put everything behind them and have publicly made up. Last month, Katy starred in Taylor’s latest video for “You Need To Calm Down” where they both hug at the end of the video.

Katy explained that she ended their beef at an industry event when she went up to Taylor to say sorry for her part, per Music News.

“I sent her a literal olive branch and a note apologizing for my part in all of it,” she said.

“[And then] I just went up to her and was like, ‘Hey, it’s been a long time and I think we’ve grown up a little bit, and I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I’m really here for you, and that I love you, and I hope that we can be friends in the future.'”

Perry also revealed that she and the “Shake It Off” hitmaker exchanged numbers and started communicating with each other. After speaking to Australian radio show The Kyle & Jackie O Show, she mentions that their new friendship now is now filled with trust and hopes others can learn from their experience.

“It’s amazing that we’ve had this opportunity to change, and I hope that other people can learn from it, too,” Katy shared.

Taylor’s music video for “You Need To Calm Down,” which sees the two stars reunite, has been watched over 83 million times on her official YouTube channel. The single so far has peaked at No. 2 in the U.S., No. 3 in Australia, No. 4 in Canada, and No. 5 in the U.K. With sales of over 35,000, it has been certified gold in Australia, according to Aria Charts. On Spotify, the track has been streamed over 103 million times.

In May, Katy released a new single titled “Never Really Over,” which The Inquisitr previously revealed as well as the reaction the song received from her fans. Currently, the track has peaked at No. 7 in Australia and Canada, No. 12 in the U.K., and No. 15 in the U.S. Its music video has racked up over 75 million views on YouTube and over 117 million streams on Spotify.

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