Kylie Jenner Reportedly Thinks Former BFF Jordyn Woods Is ‘Pathetic’ As She Continues To Play A Victim

Kylie Jenner has reportedly had enough of her former BFF playing the victim in the cheating scandal that rocked their family earlier this year.

As fans know, Jenner’s whole world was shattered after she found out that her BFF Jordyn Woods and her sister Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, hooked up at a party over Valentine’s Day weekend. After that, Woods moved out of Jenner’s guest house, where she was living, Since everything went down, Woods has pretty much been blacklisted by the whole Kardashian family, with Kylie and company siding with Khloe. As Jordyn has supposedly been playing the victim in all of it since the drama came to a head, Radar Online claims that it’s starting to get to the lipkit mogul.

A source close to the situation shared to the outlet that Kylie is tired of Jordyn pretending like she didn’t do anything wrong in the whole scandal and not taking ownership of her actions. But what hurts her even more is the fact the Woods is cashing in and making money off of the scandal that broke apart Khloe’s family.

“Kylie thinks Jordyn is just pathetic for trying to turn this all around,” the insider revealed. “She has made a fortune off of this scandal and it makes Kylie so upset because she is still making money off of Khloe’s heartache!”

Jenner is shutting Woods out of just about every aspect of her life and is currently vacationing in Turks and Caicos to promote her skincare line, Kylie Skin, with her new girl squad — one that Jordyn is not a part of. But Kylie still can’t help but feel betrayed by Woods, according to the insider.

“She just feels like she didn’t do anything wrong to Jordyn. She stood up for her when her sisters were attacking her and now that Jordyn is going her own way and has created her own brand, Kylie is just feeling hurt.”

The source went on to share that Kylie just wishes that Jordyn would realize that everything that she has is because of her but sadly, Jordyn is not even trying to get back in Kylie’s good graces — rather, she’s just riding the scandal all the way to the bank and cashing in on any and every deal that she can. And while it seems as though the girls may never be as close as they once were or even friends at all, Kylie still has yet to scrub her Instagram account clear of all photos with Woods.

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