WWE News: Former Superstar Given Lengthy Sentence After Conviction For Seventh DUI

For a period of time, John Nord traveled around and spent time in different wrestling promotions during the ’80s and ’90s. Some may know him best for his character of The Berzerker in WWF/WWE, but time has not been kind to him since retiring from the ring in 2002. Nord is now 59-years-old, and he was recently arrested for his seventh DUI offense, which has landed him on five months of probation.

The seventh conviction for driving under the influence has also caused him to have all of his driving privileges taken away.

According to the Star Tribune, Nord’s offenses of driving under the influence have come mostly when he was taking painkillers. He is now stricken with ALS and uses a wheelchair to get around while also abusing painkillers to help deal with the damage done to his brain and body from years of professional wrestling.

The prosecutor on Nord’s case believed that the former WWE superstar should receive more than four years in prison due to being a threat to public safety. Nord’s attorney said that he is already in treatment for his addiction and will reside in assisted-living facilities for the rest of his life.

Hennepin County District Judge Jay Quam said that sentencing of John Nord was no easy task.

“Life has handed you a lot of special things. On the other hand, it’s taken away a lot of what makes you you.”

Judge Quam ended up sentencing Nord to five years of probation as long as he stays in restrictive housing and does “no driving whatsoever.” Nord is also scheduled back in court in three months to give the judge a follow-up on his progress.

During his career which spanned almost two decades, Nord was a part of the American Wrestling Association, All Japan Pro Wrestling, WCCW, WCW, WWF, and others. He was best known for his time spent as “Nord the Barbarian” when Twin Cities Wrestling was huge.

In 1991, he joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE) as “The Viking.” Soon, his name was changed to The Berzerker, he was turned heel, and he gained one of the greatest heel managers ever in Mr. Fuji.

At one point, The Berzerker actually feuded with The Undertaker, which saw the Viking superstar try to stab the legend with his sword. The Berzerker also had a WWF Championship Match against Bret “Hit Man” Hart in November of 1992, which he did not win.

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