Laura Dern Gushes Over Megan Rapinoe In Latest Instagram Post: ‘An Extraordinary Athlete, Hero’

On Tuesday, Laura Dern appeared in an Instagram share with Megan Rapinoe, who the Oscar-winning actress was quick to call “an extraordinary athlete.” She also called Rapinoe a “hero.”

Dern and Rapinoe met when the two women were guests on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Near the beginning of the program on July 15 that tapes before a live audience, the highlights of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup win were rehashed by one of Meyers’s writers, Jenny Hagel. The comedian showed a time-honored clip of Rapinoe when she was asked if she was excited about going to the White House. Her now-historical answer was, “I’m not going to the White House.”

Good to her word, she didn’t go, but Rapinoe did appear on Meyers’s show on Monday night, during which Dern was introduced prior to her idol. The Big Little Lies actress talked about watching Rapinoe’s win with her team at Los Angeles International Airport.

She called the final outcome of the U.S. women’s world soccer team’s final game against the Netherlands on July 7 “a great moment.”

She also mentioned that ironically “everyone was so thrilled that their flight was delayed.”

“What a sense of community we feel when we have this collective, shared experience of bliss watching that winning game and watching [Megan].”…it was amazing. [When meeting backstage], and as I said to her that watching this tribe of six-year-old boys imitating this female athlete with her moves…you wait for a paradigm shift where women are honored and celebrated for their genius and their art and their loud fierce voices and it’s very cool to watch this.”

During their seminal meeting, Dern was wearing a breezy white summer dress paired with shocking pink heels while Rapinoe rocked a textured beige pant suit with a simple dark top underneath the tailored jacket. Both women looked camera ready while each still expressed her own individual style.

Although the talk during Meyers’s show was centered on the fresh world soccer win and the leader of the group of keen athletes, Dern was not left out. She talked about Big Little Lies and her great part as the newly bankrupted Renata, queen of the one-liners.

Dern has had plenty of experience on both the large and small screens. She is as well-spoken about all her projects as she is about her off-camera experiences. No doubt this veteran thespian’s meeting with superstar Rapinoe will be treasured and reminisced about for years to come.

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