Kate Beckinsale Joins Mother Judy Loe In Latest Instagram Snapshot, Complete With Cheeky Caption

English actress Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram on Monday to share a photo of herself and her mother. Beckinsale even included a cheeky caption that referenced the way she posed for the photo — resting her chin on her fists.

“We always have fun-even when a gigantic man crawls out from under my seat and double punches me in the neck,” she wrote.

Fans reacted positively to the photo, with some responding with their own sense of humor.

“Nice of him,” one user joked.

“We love you, Kate! Stay safe,” another user said.

“A gigantic man with very soft hands by the look of it!” another playfully commented.

Beckinsale recently starred in British television series The Widow, which follows Beckinsale’s character, Georgia Wells, who believes that her husband — reportedly killed in a plane crash three years earlier — is still alive in the Congo. Although the Amazon Video show has received mixed reviews from critics, The Los Angeles Times reports that Beckinsale has been praised for her portrayal of Georgia.

According to Beckinsale, she feels a connection with the character, and this connection is likely why she has been praised for her “layered” performance.

“I’m pretty fascinated by grief and the different forms of grieving that people take,” she said in a Times interview before touching on one of the shared experiences she believes people going through grief have — thinking they’ve seen a loved one they have lost.

During the same interview, Beckinsale was also approached about her sense of humor that she has taken to showing off on Instagram and social media.

“I’ve always had that persona. The thing that’s been odd for me over the years is — I think when you’re standing around in skintight rubber trousers, people automatically assume you don’t have much of a sense of humor.”

Beckinsale added that the experience is odd because she has always had a strong sense of humor, suggesting that the persona created by films like Underworld wasn’t all that aligned with who she really is. Beckinsale claims that because of this conflict, she struggled to reconcile the two personas, which pushed her away from social media.

Per The Inquisitr, Beckinsale recently posted an Instagram photo showing off her dramatic new hair cut and color for a new role. The photo shows Beckinsale behind-the-scenes on a film shoot wearing a David Bowie tee along with some vintage vibes. The new look is reportedly for the action move Jolt, in which Beckinsale plays a female bouncer on a rampage.

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