Ben Simmons’ Sister Appears To Take Shot At Kendall Jenner

Model Kendall Jenner and NBA player Ben Simmons dated, on and off, between the summer of 2018 and the spring of 2019 — a relationship marked by Jenner appearing regularly at Simmons’ games, and the two being spotted around the Philadelphia area.

The couple split up in the spring, and on July 4, Jenner was spotted on a boat along with Kyle Kuzma, another NBA player, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Jenner and Kuzma, subsequent reporting indicated, are merely friends and not dating, per The Inquisitr.

However, that didn’t prevent what appears to have been a shot at Jenner from a member of Simmons’ immediate family.

Per New York Post, Simmons’ sister Liv Alice Simmons recently sent a tweet that’s been interpreted as a reference to her brother’s former girlfriend.

“I just wouldn’t ever wanna be known for dating athletes,” Liv tweeted on July 10. “Like imagine working your way through a league. Not a team a LEAGUE!”

Later that day, she tweeted, “I’d rather be crazy than be a hoe .”

It took a few days for the tweet to gain widespread attention, but Liv appeared to address them again on Tuesday.

“People can’t stand my honesty,” she tweeted. “And I can’t stand people’s sensitivity.”

Liv Simmons has criticized the Kardashians in the past, and indicated that she disapproved of her brother dating Kendall, per Black Sports Online.

Ben Simmons was in the news for something else this week: The guard, per The Inquisitr, signed a five-year, $170 million contract extension with his team, the Philadelphia 76ers, on Monday. Simmons has played for the 76ers ever since they drafted him with the top overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Ben and Liv are the children of Dave Simmons, an American-born former basketball player, and their mother Julie, who is Australian. They grew up in Australia, along with four older half-siblings. Liv, who is older than Ben, played basketball at Arizona State.

In 2016, The Undefeated profiled Ben, Liv and their relationship, in conjunction with the documentary One & Done. It dealt with Liv’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and how her relationship with her brother has helped her get through hard times.

In 2018, the The Daily Mail reported that Ben Simmons sent a heartfelt message to his sister after her daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood vessel abnormality in the brain, and also flew to Australia during the offseason to be with his sister and niece.

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