Kelly Ripa Has ‘Live’ Audience In Hysterics After She Admits This About Daughter Lola

Kelly Ripa had the audience at Live with Kelly and Ryan in hysterics after she admitted this about her daughter Lola Consuelos, who recently graduated high school and is looking ahead to a new life as a college student and moving out on her own.

Kelly started speaking about her daughter by showing off a photo of Lola and husband Mark Consuelos in a car, with their daughter behind the wheel. Sharing that her daughter was learning to drive, she quipped at Mark’s expression in the passenger seat at how “happy” he was teaching Lola to get around on her own.

The Live star then noted that her only daughter appears to be able to pick up on everything easier than her older brother Michael and younger brother Joaquin. Kelly believes it all has to do with horseback riding lessons.

“When we learned to ski, Lola got up on her ski’s first. When we had ice skating lessons, Lola started doing competitions because she was just good at it. Lola was the first one up on the bike without training wheels. It can’t be that she’s a good driver because of horseback riding lessons, but I swear I think horseback riding is the foundation for everything,” she stated to co-host Ryan Seacrest and the audience.

She then explained that older son Michael wasn’t the most confident driver at the beginning of his lessons, remarking that she would routinely have to grab the wheel from him to point him in the correct lane of traffic.

Perhaps it was when Kelly relayed yet another Lola case of the young woman standing up to her mom, a common thread when the television personality speaks of her beloved daughter, that the audience became unglued.

“She’s very resentful and very angry, she told me ‘don’t expect me to be driving anywhere,'” said Kelly of Lola learning to drive.

Kelly said to Ryan that adults don’t understand teenagers today because when they were growing up, driving and having a car meant freedom. Teens today rely on their Uber app to get them where they need to go and Kelly and Mark’s three children, who live in New York City, have other means of transportation to get them to their destination, including the New York City subway, the bus, and cabs.

Although, they do have another way to escape without leaving their home said Kelly to Ryan.

“They can escape us whenever they want by going into their phone,” she deadpanned.

Live with Kelly and Ryan airs weekday mornings on ABC.

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