Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Lulu Lashes Out At Maxie Over Dante Situation

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show detail that Lulu will have an intense reaction when she hears what Maxie has to say about Dante. Maxie was left reeling when Peter was shot by Dante after she insisted on trying to confront Lulu’s husband. Now, fans suspect that all of this is leading up to Lulu being able to let go of her marriage at last.

Fans have been waiting for some time now to see how the show would handle this Lulu and Dante situation. Actor Dominic Zamprogna has previously detailed that he is always open to short-term returns, but he is not interested in a permanent return. The last time Zamprogna played Dante, he left town to try to deal with the mental demons that were chasing him and as The Inquisitr noted, it was an exit that left the door open for a return at some point.

In recent weeks, Maxie has been determined to find Dante and bring him home to Lulu. She didn’t understand what had caused him to leave Port Charles and she wouldn’t listen to anybody who tried to discourage her from tracking him down. Now, however, she’s realized that the situation is far more intense and difficult than she had previously understood.

SheKnows Soaps shares that during Tuesday’s show, Lulu will be furious. The sneak peek that aired at the end of Monday’s episode showed that it’s Maxie who will be the recipient of this anger.

Maxie will explain what happened, which includes seeing a side of Dante that left her quite scared. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Lulu will struggle to wrap her head around all of this and as she sorts through it all, Soap Central shares that she will soon be on a warpath.

Lulu had reached out to Sonny asking him to find Dante again, but now she’ll face developments that will seemingly force difficult decisions. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny will reach out to Robert next week and it seems likely that this will be related to Dante.

Viewers have been anxious to see the show come up with a way to give Lulu a path forward, as keeping her married to an off-screen Dante forever seemed impractical. Some wondered if the show would bring in a recast, or perhaps even kill off the character. However, both of those approaches could spark a backlash from fans after other difficult recasts and character deaths in recent months.

Last week, Lulu met a charming man on one of her fake dates and that seemed to spark some realizations within her. General Hospital hasn’t indicated that this particular guy will necessarily be popping up again, but it seems that the show might be ready to try to move Lulu toward a new romance in the coming weeks or months.

Are viewers and Lulu ready for her to find love again? Will the show leave Dante alive, but seemingly so troubled and damaged that he simply can’t return to Port Charles again anytime soon? Additional General Hospital spoilers about this developing storyline should emerge soon and fans will be anxious for details.

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