Shailene Woodley Shares Totally Trippy Optical Illusion On Instagram

Actress Shailene Woodley, who plays assault survivor Jane Chapman in HBO’s Big Little Lies, took Instagram Monday to post a trippy optical illusion that definitely captured the attention of her followers.

“Wow. That’s really cool!!” one follower responded.

“Why would u do this to me,” another user chimed in.

“Shailene you are part of the trip. A sweet hallucination,” yet another follower said.

The picture was created by Lost In Time Designs, which is a website that contains the artwork of Dave Danzara, a self-described “neo retro futuristic modernist psychedelic humanoid for the 5th dimension.” His gallery offers pictures that fall under the categories of surrealism, new wave noir, psychedelic, retro, propaganda, modern, and pop culture.

According to Danzara’s bio, he is an art graduate from the Laguna Beach Art Institute of Southern California that does freelance work for album artwork and also has a decade of experience as a freelance videographer. Danzara says his art is inspired by cinema, music, art, nature, and photography, as well as the architecture and design of the Bauhaus movement.

As for Woodley, she claims that she is “repelled by the idea of fame and its pervasiveness.?” During an interview with Net-a-Porter, she revealed that her fall into prominence and praise has been a struggle.

“The idea of magazines, press lines, red carpets and fashion, all of that was so overwhelming that I stayed away from it all,” she said.

“I can’t half-a** anything, so when it came to me having to look a certain way or speak a certain way for this image I was meant to create, it turned me off.”

Woodley also claims that she would take breaks from filming to work on a farm because it’s something that felt real to her and provided a contrast to the life of an actress.

According to Woodley, the script of Big Little Lies was given to her when she hit a wall with acting and was considering quitting the business to do something different. Before the script hit her desk, she told her agents to stop sending any and give her time to explore other avenues. When she got Big Little Lies, it was the first script that her agents sent her in almost a year. Woodley claims that she fell in love with the story after reading it, and says that a push from Laura Dern, who worked with Woodley on The Fault in Our Stars, was what convinced her to join the project.

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