‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Declares Luke Is The Guy ‘I’ve Been Waiting For,’ But Spoilers Tease An Implosion Ahead

Monday night is can’t-miss television for fans of The Bachelorette. Spoilers hint that Hannah Brown will finally get the clarity she has needed regarding her relationship with Luke Parker, but it will come as a big shocker once it finally hits her. Heading into Hannah and Luke’s date in Greece, she’ll be excited, and a new sneak peek shows how well things start off for this duo.

Since early on this season, various sneak peeks have teased that Hannah would eventually have an explosive encounter with one of her bachelors. As more detailed preview clips emerged, it was revealed that this encounter would involve Luke and that it would be connected to the idea that she may have been intimate with at least one of her other suitors.

Now, ET Online shows some of the moments that play out between Hannah and Luke shortly before everything implodes. Fans have voiced their frustrations over Hannah’s determination to keep Luke each episode despite often having misgivings about his actions. As she greets him in Greece for their date, she’ll provide some insight into why she hasn’t been able to let him go yet.

The sneak peek shows Hannah talking as Luke approaches about how he is the guy she’s been waiting for, and the two greet one another quite warmly. She will also talk about how she likes that he knows without a doubt that he loves her and wants her to be his wife.

Based on other photos and video clips that have teased moments from this date in Greece, it looks like Hannah is saying all of this after the daytime portion of their date and heading into dinner. After dinner, if things were to go well, the couple would head to the fantasy suite.

The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that Hannah will note that she thinks the two of them are turning a page in their relationship and are about to embark on a new chapter. Hannah and Luke will walk hand-in-hand toward a table set up outdoors for a quaint, romantic dinner. As the dinner begins, the two will talk about how much fun they had during the earlier portion of their date, and he will start talking about the ideas of marriage and forever.

Luke will start to talk about what he wants for himself and his future wife, and soon he will bring up the idea of intimacy. As previous clips have shown, this is where things take a dramatic turn for this couple and things will not end well.

The Inquisitr previously detailed Bachelorette spoilers regarding this date indicating that Hannah and Luke would enjoy a helicopter ride in Greece and their time will be filled with kisses and smiles. However, The Bachelorette spoilers have revealed that Luke will tell Hannah as their dinner begins that he would probably leave if he found out she had been intimate with any of her other remaining suitors.

Apparently, Luke’s overnight date came last of the four Hannah had, meaning that she already spent quality time with Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron, and Jed Wyatt. The Bachelorette spoilers have hinted that she did head to the fantasy suites with the other guys and when Luke confronts her about this, she will explode. This is where her infamous “windmill” comments will arise, and soon she’ll be telling Luke she’s finally gained clarity and is done with this relationship.

The whole season has been building up to these moments involving Hannah Brown and Luke Parker. However, The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that this won’t be the end of the drama, and it will be a wild ride for everybody involved all the way to the last moments of the upcoming two-night finale.

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